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  • sls

    Yep, the Drill EP version is better.

    novembro 2014
  • AplusR96

    Drill version > Pablo Honey version

    setembro 2014
  • beatricesdante

    imagine millions of teenagers singing this, so sad. I got my teenage angst back today

    maio 2014
  • shellbyrne

    he says what we all feel

    fevereiro 2014
  • andreluisfonk

    janeiro 2014
  • beatthebeatles

    I love Radiohead but the verse melody and harmony sounds actually the same as in Cryin' in the Rain (most known recorded version probably by a-ha). Ah, happens :)

    dezembro 2013
  • megi696

    Thom is such a cheerful dude [2]

    maio 2013
  • OctavariumTrap

    Thom is such a cheerful dude

    maio 2012
  • corky64


    abril 2012
  • viathin12

    I have to say that I love the entire pablo honey cd which this song originated on. It is such a catchy toon hope everyone is well.

    fevereiro 2012
  • JamesDybleOasis

    That solo.

    janeiro 2012
  • paul30481

    Love this song! By the way guys if any of u want a free iphone 4 check out this site FREEIPHONE4-METROLYRICS.INFO Actually works! Just got mine the other day haha

    maio 2011
  • django071


    abril 2011
  • Power2thePPL211

    theres a revolution happening around the world right now. the small rising up and taking back power. join me. power tothepeople at facebook.

    março 2011
  • backseatyeti


    janeiro 2011
  • rsmorais

    I'm better off dead- such a cool line ;-) [2]

    dezembro 2010
  • intheluminol

    goshhhh the memories!.... I've always liked this, even if it doesn't sound like them these days.

    dezembro 2010

    they've come a long way since pablo honey

    agosto 2010
  • foorn

    first time i listened to this song, i envisaged a better, more acoustic and bass-y follow on from the third 'better off dead'

    julho 2010
  • Rud-Johns

    I have no idea why I love this song. It's just awesome. [3]

    maio 2010
  • pilgrimage145

    I smell "Heart of Gold" in the melody. Still one of the best on the album.

    janeiro 2010
  • kajdek

    My favourite Radiohead's song.

    janeiro 2010
  • lala_gosling

    I love them so baaaaaaaaad ¡¡

    setembro 2009
  • riosapolinar

    Pablo Honey es un disco brillante, con un sonido muy grunge.

    julho 2009
  • rosaelefant

    I have no idea why I love this song. It's just awesome. Best track on Pablo Honey together with Lurgee.

    julho 2009
  • lala_yorke

    me encanta esta cancion ¡¡

    junho 2009
  • lala_yorke

    This band can do no wrong [2]

    junho 2009
  • lala_gosling

    I'm better off dead .................

    abril 2009
  • Tiago_Freitas

    Radiohead Brasil 2009 - Eu não vou! :(

    março 2009
  • Isolalation

    I'm better off....

    fevereiro 2009
  • kruetznaer

    "I want to breathe, I want to grow..." - Keeps me searching for a heart of gold))) One of the best early Radiohead pieces!

    fevereiro 2009
  • gerocaclub

    radiohead por siempre

    fevereiro 2009
  • fhergoheed

    mui buena...! buenicima esta icnreible

    janeiro 2009
  • anais8

    forever radiohead!

    janeiro 2009
  • edb3

    "best radiohead song withouth a doubt" are you kidding me?

    janeiro 2009
  • FridaAnn

    I love you soo much.!

    dezembro 2008
  • mrliberfarb

    it does sound like weezer

    novembro 2008
  • rocker_ego777

    I kinda like this song

    outubro 2008
  • unlovely


    setembro 2008
  • pedrodpl

    pretty good...

    setembro 2008
  • itovertakesme

    old school radiohead -> <3

    agosto 2008
  • lh02f231

    what a song!

    junho 2008
  • andychea

    Most emotional Radiohead song

    maio 2008
  • chiaz

    sounds like weezer

    maio 2008
  • STP1910

    I am better.

    maio 2008
  • feyyaz

    I'm better off..

    março 2008
  • skjeggen

    I'm better off dead

    novembro 2007
  • Facemelter_


    novembro 2007
  • ryben

    I love this song! I love Radiohead!

    novembro 2007
  • mikex163

    me too!

    junho 2007