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  • TheBlackRaven87

    I have all 5 albums. I wish they would do new stuff as the last album was already many years ago. Great sounds, sometimes even a bit jazzy.

    abril 2015
  • magicseatronica

    amazing drummer ! you shoked me on nextsound ! =)

    maio 2013
  • ovarylickpelvis

    Вот бы в Россию снова.

    novembro 2012
  • denniseckersley

    I'd pay mounds to see them play...

    setembro 2012
  • TheBlackRaven87

    once more, a lucky discovery, I just checked out some profiles from users in my "friends"-list, and discovered Radian. How lucky I was. great tunes they made.

    outubro 2011
  • sjswood68

    Great set at Koko last night, my first exposure to Radian. Definitely on my 'to check out' list.

    maio 2011
  • denniseckersley

    god, this is the missing piece...

    março 2011
  • jedrekw


    março 2011
  • iDearBach

    saw them live a few hours ago.. wow ! They really play all this live. Bow To Radian !

    dezembro 2010
  • Podlas

    it is unbeliveable they actually can play this material live with no harm.

    outubro 2010
  • ilkae

    best band of the 2000s.

    julho 2010
  • Kaculena

    great gig @ Archa theatre. thank you.

    maio 2010
  • Gint3r

    hey, yestrday in Prague awesome

    maio 2010
  • messo

    Juxtaposition is such a great record. Groovin' till the end :)

    fevereiro 2010
  • anjakarlson

    SKIF was awesome!!

    janeiro 2010
  • rodanside

    It sounds quite like Autistic Daughters (who share a member with Radian)

    janeiro 2010
  • catachresistant

    So what do we all think of Chimeric. I think it's their best since Tg11. Maybe their best period. Total ear-candy.

    dezembro 2009
  • danielwen

    Eine Kritik zum neuen Album "Chimeric" gibt's hier:

    novembro 2009
  • serendipity2

    so wish i could find a physical copy of the self-titled...

    outubro 2009
  • messo

    I dig it...

    março 2009
  • a__m

    colorful new sounds, accurate compositions, strong rhythms; music mostly for the head, not the heart, but great

    fevereiro 2009
  • ephraimwegner

    fevereiro 2009
  • Titus_Androgeni

    Not post-rock .

    janeiro 2009
  • nadirauxpommes

    People should stop being pricks and start appreciating this song-ier approach to EAI as well.

    janeiro 2009
  • lenabiba

    ЛУЧШИЕ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dezembro 2008
  • djgizmoe

    Some of it sounds a bit like my Cell 63 'unit'...good stuff...

    dezembro 2008
  • nullpunkt

    some of Austria's finest...surprising that so many people listen to them

    dezembro 2008
  • Lastfret

    this band is amazing!So fresh electronics with amazing rhitm section...just Wow!)

    setembro 2008
  • 8NapalmBrain8

    julho 2008
  • 8NapalmBrain8

    too nice for '04

    julho 2008
  • OChrisO

    don't know!! it's also listed here nice experimental stuff!!!! awesome

    junho 2008
  • entartete-musik

    Who tagged this as post-rock?

    abril 2008
  • steveheather


    novembro 2007
  • zeteenoen

    these guys sound great live, thx for the gig in PL

    agosto 2007
  • malryc

    great performance on off festival, one of the best shows

    agosto 2007
  • LittleMo8MalaMo

    <3 amazing band

    agosto 2007
  • Fearofjazz


    agosto 2007
  • softcell19

    yeah, this is radian !!!!

    março 2007
  • qadieux3

    this is...different

    maio 2006