• R.E.M. - Reckoning (1984) Review

    Jan 25 2010, 4h48 por ChrisCappello


    When you were young, didn't everything make more sense?

    When I was young, I listened to Reckoning. If someone were to ask me what music I liked, I wouldn't reply with the latest radio hit, or even that I listened to R.E.M. We all have those albums that we know so well; that we have listened to so many times that we can recite them in their entirety, note for note in our heads. For me, this was, and still is, this album.

    I listened to Reckoning, and that was it. Pop songs would come and go, musical trends would rise and fall before my eyes, but Reckoning remained my musical rock for years through its sheer power to never age. Somewhat ironically however, Reckoning was not my gateway into good music, simply because I didn't see that there could be anything out there as good as it was (it would take a few years and one play through Automatic for the People before I realized that). …
  • R.E.M. @ Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales

    Ago 28 2008, 17h54 por queeniefox

    Event Page

    ( How I saw R.E.M., danced around in my bra, lost my voice, squeed for England, got autographs, and probably killed my immune system for the next five weeks BUT DO I CARE, NO. Ahem. Now read on. )

    Ok, so, the bra thing? By way of explanation, the CIA was REALLY REALLY hot inside. I had taken my tights off earlier on, but eventually the t-shirt had to go as well. I'm probably the only person in the audience who took Michael Stipe's "clothing optional" statement literally but at least I didn't die through overheating or something. (The CIA staff had also taken away our water bottles before we went in "because you might throw them at the stage.") Note to bands (because so many I have seen live say things like this): do not say that you like the fact that the venue is hot because it adds to the atmosphere*. This is probably *why* people throw water bottles at the stage. ANYWAY.

    Support acts: Guillemots* = very good, Editors = good but too much of a Killers rip-off for me. …
  • Lyrics quiz

    Jan 14 2007, 2h18 por meandmrray

    I've always wanted to do one of these.

    You know the deal.
    Guess the song and artist.

    1. Autumn’s sweet, we call it fall
    I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl
    Scar Tissue

    2. Where have you been all night?
    I checked my watch for the fourteenth time
    I was thinking about what you had in mind when you said
    Honey, yours are the only hands that feel right
    You're the One Lee

    3. Reach down your hand in your pocket
    Pull out some hope for me
    Long Day

    4. The past'll be presented
    Recast and reinvented
    Until it's how we meant it
    Testing 1, 2, 3

    5. I made my bed and now I can't sleep at night
    'Cause I'm tossing and turning, you know
    You know it ain't right
    Girl Right Next to Me

    6. Guess I've changed, but, yeah, couldn't you?
    Given all we've been through
    And Around

    7. Never mind overjoyed
    Just start with happy
    Hey Self Defeater

    8. You can see a million miles tonight
    But you can't get very far
    Mrs. Potter's Lullaby

    9. There's a splinter in your eye and it reads "react"