After releasing the album ’ Votre Enfant ’ Roel and Léonne from Quallofill have almost directly occupied themselves with the prerecordings of the new album ` The man Who Likes Trouble ‘.
In Quallofill’s own studio more and more was experimented with sounds and effects. This results in an album which reverts to the naive consonances of the first cd (`Moodplanner ’ - 2003) and the openness of the previous album (`Votre Enfant ’ - 2005).

Quallofill is a duo from Rotterdam , The Netherlands and have existed since 2003
In that year, their first album Moodplanner was recorded and released under direct management.
In February 2004 Quallofill performed at the finale of the Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland (category singer/songwriter) and won the public-price and the third place from the jury.
In April the Dutch magazine LiveXS made them ‘Local Hero of the month’ so they played at paradiso Amsterdam and they also acted for the local TV.

In the beginning of 2005 they released, again under direct management, Votre Enfant .
This second album gives a more band-feeling. And there is more diversity in playing live. Quallofill will play live as a duo (Rotown Rotterdam, Ekko Utrecht) and as a band (Paradiso/Winston International Amsterdam) and they were asked participate at the ParoolPopPrijs.

in 2005 the duo strated with prerecording new material. This time without thinking what to do. Not Looking to the future. No intentionally arrangement. Only do what the feeling at the moment motivates. At the end it resulted in the album ‘The Man Who Likes Trouble’, released in the beginning of 2006 by their own label Poptronique.
So far this resulted in several interviews, participation to some compilation albums, the “Mortale hit” at radio Mortale and “band of the month of July” at the Popunie.

The Dutch media about Quallofill:

Speaker: Spatial and orderly, but above all beautiful songs which do, such as the nice cover already does suspect, give the impression that 1950s and 1960s can be combined with digital arrangements anno the years zero. (The man Who Likes Trouble)

Leonieke daalder (3v12): Sugary and tempting. Of a pleasant simplicity. A splendid voice. (The man Who Likes Trouble)

FRET/popinstituut: music that could have been used in a sixties sciencefictionfilm. Futuristic retro. (The man Who Likes Trouble)

MusicfromNL: Almost all songs are particularly modest, which cause it mysterious and gives a pleasant warm environment. (about Votre Enfant)

Oor: Effective compositions with tense words. (Moodplanner)

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