Trivial beginnings

5 Out 2008 | de

Hello there. I figured I would try out this journal thing on as a way to provide some news about the different musical endeavors I’m currently involved in. Odds are nobody reads this, but I’ll give it go anyway.

I can see that some people seem to like the Proton Kinoun stuff I’ve done so far. That has really taken me by surprise and I am deeply grateful. It was an interesting and fun experience making that album, so I’m glad a few besides myself finds Apeiron decent enough to subject their ears to. Thanks!

In a not too distant future a remastered version of the album, including a new bonustrack and some fresh and shiny artwork, will be released on the Ektoplazm media label. It’s going to be available as a free mp3 download and lossless wavs will be available too. In addition to that, there’ll be a CD version for those who crave a physical copy of the album.

Also, I’ve just begun working on the next album. So far it’s pretty conceptual, but it’ll be somewhat similar in style to Apeiron, although some of the tracks will probably be a tad ‘glitchier’ and psychedelic. Whatever that means.

That’s it for now, I’m off…

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