• No Depression Grows Up… Or Just Gets Old

    Abr 27 2007, 4h17 por jcshepard

    One of these things, ain’t like the others… Remember that diddy from Public Television? It would seem like the boys at No Depression are getting bored, so they decided to take a trip back to their youth--trying to stick square pegs in round holes. Except today they try to call it “art”. This month Grant Alden addresses the topic head on, but it sounds to me more like excuses you gave the teacher when you got caught with your Archies comic inside your Social Studies text book.

    RAP goes the ruler across your desk. C’mon, Grant, we don’t need another glam rag. We buy/subscribe to ND ‘cause we like the skinny on Roots music, Americana, alt.country whatever that is. While that nebulous genre varies greatly, don’t stick sausage in my sandwich and try to sell it as prime rib.

    I don't beat up on ND 'cause I don't like it. No Depression captures the music I love like no other. And we fight for the ones we love. Yea, I know "If you love something, set it free." Right, whatever, fly back home to alt. …