• Mix Tape: Stronger Than All--Stronger Than ALL!

    Set 5 2008, 5h24 por xynobia

    So since I posted my last mixtape blog, I've assembled quite a few mixtapes, and most of them are pretty quality, if I say so myself (I just did, bitches!). My most recent creation, however, is one that's been in the mix for a long time: a Pantera best-of. Although this tape doesn't necessitate the same sort of story/defensive tirade that accompanied my ABBA mix tape, I will say a few words before posting the tracklist.

    First of all, if I had to come up with a list of top 5 desert island bands, right now, Pantera would be one of three 'true' metal bands I'd even consider putting on there. Sabbath is the other, and to a lesser extent, Slayer. I've been listening to Pantera for nearly a decade now, and they're one of those bands that are just the right combination of nostalgic thrill and timeless appeal that I still play the shit out of them. I think this is what Phil was getting at when he wrote the lyrics to "Goddamn Electric", and critics be damned, he was onto something.