Spare Parts Express (10:05)

Capa de The Middle of Nowhere

De The Middle of Nowhere e 3 outros álbuns

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  • mot00rzysta

    how I wish they recorded MON2 instead of Wanky....

    9 Jan 12h00 Responder
  • jeff071

    This is just AWESOME.

    28 Set 2012 Responder
  • almo2001

    Yeah, SPE is one of Orbital's best. Sprawling and epic, with a lot of different elements that all fit together. Middle of Nowhere is probably my favorite of their albums, possibly tied with Snivilization.

    28 Mai 2012 Responder
  • redstealth

    it hurts my ears and I love it

    7 Abr 2012 Responder
  • jayloca

    I HAVE SPARE PARTS TO EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 Jun 2011 Responder
  • robinofdarkness

    i do love this song but the rest of MON is pretty weak... snivilisation still reigns supreme

    26 Mai 2011 Responder
  • ShadyAdy

    I much prefer the 'John Craven's Newsround' sample loop - funky as heck! And I can't over-hype this track enough - it's still one of their very best in my humble opinion.

    16 Mai 2011 Responder
  • Daxter1962

    A good track ... but perhaps a little over hyped by the rest of the postings.

    3 Ago 2010 Responder
  • Immolate2007


    27 Mai 2010 Responder
  • hearditfirst

    How rare it is to look back on one band's catalogue and say "every album was better than excellent" - and I think MON is actually their weakest! And it's still an 8 out of 10....

    11 Mai 2010 Responder
  • Shrooo

    The last five minutes of this track = aural sex ;)

    16 Nov 2009 Responder
  • Djarune

    Orbital's best track!! Amazing after 5:50!!

    28 Abr 2009 Responder
  • Myke_

    @MartijnHoutman, thanks for that.

    5 Mar 2009 Responder
  • Glejs

    Listening again and again, of course you agree with mee... WHY CANT*T EVERYBODY HEAR MEEE ... BOOOM. AMazing break!!

    8 Fev 2009 Responder
  • MartijnHoutman

    @Glejs: Indeed, the ending to this song is just genius! @Myke_: The track "Spare Parts Express" contains a sample from the movie Carnival of Souls containing the line "Why can't anybody hear me?" (Wikipedia) @Yereth: Much concurred! Damn, this song is just the best ...

    31 Jan 2009 Responder
  • yereth

    Let's say it one more time: Arguably one of the brothers' best and therefore one of the best songs ever. What a trip of madness! Simply brilliant.

    28 Jan 2009 Responder
  • yereth

    Arguably one of the brother's best and therefore one of the best songs ever. What a trip of madness! Simply brilliant.

    10 Dez 2008 Responder
  • Myke_

    It's like a gradual loss of sanity. Does any one know where the "Why can't anybody hear me" is sampled from?

    1 Nov 2008 Responder
  • DotComDom

    How to make a great song fantastic? Drop a wicked 'Newsround' sample and there you go - another 'genius of Hartnoll' touch if you ask me :))

    22 Jul 2008 Responder
  • eyemoeba

    yeah, this is a proper journey, especially played in conjunction with Way Out from 'middle of nowhere.' glejs, eye agree with you, for an electronic track, this packs emotion, and nearly always has my hairs on end, and me reaching for the tearducts by the time the punchline kicks in. WHY CAN'T ANYBODY HEAR MEEEE? tune

    9 Abr 2008 Responder
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