• Awesome!

    Nov 4 2010, 18h19 por ashleyromance

    it just is awesome you have to love it , believe me!November BlessingThe Gray
  • Another meme

    Jan 24 2010, 7h42 por wicky_

    1. Cual es tu canción favorita del #15?
    Hot Hot Heat diria que Oh, Goddamnit xD

    2. Como te hiciste fan del #20?
    Nightmare bueno, gracias al opening y ending de Death Note xD

    3. Quien es tu miembro favorito del #1?
    L'Arc~en~Ciel Realmente adoro a todos *0* pero me quedo con Hyde xD

    4. Cual es tu letra favorita del #29?
    Regina Spektor Fidelity <3

    5. Has visto al #22 en vivo?
    Garbage No u.u

    6. Cual es tu album favorito del #10?
    Vamps jajaja pues hasta ahora solo tienen un album xD (en Julio sale el otro! *0*) pero si me gusta mucho :3 xD

    7. Tienes material del #3?
    My Chemical Romance Todos sus albums y DVD's ^^ y un poster oficial que venia con el LOTMS :3

    8. Algun buen recuerdo que tengas del #7?
    the GazettE una platica sobre ellos el día del concierto de Miyavi (xD) mientras esperabamos para entrar... donde hablabamos que Uruha daba miedo sin maquillaje xDDD

    9. Hay algun miembro que tenga la misma edad que tu del #2?
  • Shuffling the Sounds

    Jul 5 2008, 14h08 por Mr-Gav

    It's been quite some time since my last, or rather first (depending on how you want to look at it) journal entry, so I thought I'd randomise this by shuffling my playlist and posting the results in a journal entry. Yes, I know. Unoriginal. But hey, it's either this or spending your time reading some fat girls blog while she complains how she can't lose weight and she sits and asks why, while sitting eating a bowl of Carte D'or.

    Anyway, jump to the chase and time to press play.

    1) Hawthorne Heights - The Transition
    Comment: Actually, this is a good start. One of my favourites from HH.

    2) Rise Against - My Life Inside Your Heart
    Comment: Heh. It's the only track I have from The Unraveling on my computer.

    3)The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel
    Comment: Oh. I love this track and I love The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This has got to be one of my overall favourites.

    4) Paramore - Emergency
    Comment: Gotta admit that this shuffling playlist is sweet, as this is one of most loved Paramore tracks. …