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  • ICDarkly

    Two maybe three notes and some background notes. Boring.

    março 2013
  • Scantily


    março 2013
  • lrwld

    One of their few great instrumentals? wut??

    janeiro 2011
  • NyaraSha

    The backing track of the rain and gentle thunder is perfect, it adds atmosphere and mood while not being overwhelming.

    junho 2010
  • vangelicmonk

    one of their few great instrumentals because it doesn't sound purely evil or empty.

    fevereiro 2010
  • GazGod


    dezembro 2009
  • FateGuy

    what? he played it live?

    agosto 2009
  • Vldmrhrnndz

    this song is so calmingly great...

    agosto 2009
  • Aurelen

    Hearing it live was truly incredible.

    junho 2009
  • Jason_Maggot

    NIN is just perfect!!

    maio 2009
  • IndustriasP

    una vez mas, sin palabras

    março 2009
  • golfmade

    I wish I knew how to play the piano to play many pieces, this being one of them.

    março 2009
  • jpeiper

    Everything on this collection is great.

    março 2009
  • PandaVamp

    So beautiful... ♥

    janeiro 2009
  • andybamb

    simple yet effective

    novembro 2008
  • Scarlight

    Art of Trent Reznor

    setembro 2008
  • redsnowrose

    music can be art

    setembro 2008
  • PullTheStars

    doesn't sound like nin, but at the same time, it does. so relaxing

    junho 2008
  • Knifymoloko

    The bass is nice and deep.

    abril 2008
  • AnaYorke

    The BIG LOUD SOUND at 2:O5!

    janeiro 2008
  • FuckingSeeta

    love it.................

    dezembro 2007
  • Knifymoloko

    I'm so into this song at the moment...

    dezembro 2007
  • Knifymoloko

    The remix of this song is just great:

    dezembro 2007
  • Knifymoloko

    How can a few hits on the keyboard bring about such emtions...

    novembro 2007