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  • mormon_jesus


    janeiro 2014
  • Celebrar

    Hi! Like "Song of the Day" for a new not-that-popular song (almost)everyday!

    agosto 2013
  • breakblossom

    They are back! Time to rock!

    janeiro 2013
  • nextposition

    Like alternative rock, check out this new band:

    outubro 2012
  • Kris_Gontz9

    Such a great talented band... shame they're quite inactive now :/ I'd gladly take any new music they release, in the meantime we can enjoy those awesome albums they released before..

    junho 2012
  • MartySullivan42

    liek dis if your cry errytime

    maio 2012
  • st-88

    So Happily Unsatisfied is their best album.

    janeiro 2012
  • TakinbyTigers

    keep rocking! real soul to it

    junho 2011
  • hendiplast

    If I Am is a great song :)

    junho 2011
  • iluvjustinbiebs

    1 Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)

    junho 2011
  • LastTimeForAll

    There is nostalgia everywhere now.

    março 2011
  • luckystoned

    good boys ;-)

    março 2011
  • MIKE4444R

    Love how someone can ask "what happened to them" and not just scroll up and see the bio directly above this. Another example of how stupid people are these days....and probably a good example of how Obama got elected.

    fevereiro 2011
  • wingkon

    Listening to Absolutely (Story of a Girl) right now. Great song.

    novembro 2010
  • Sherrice

    what happened to them?!

    novembro 2010
  • SheLovesIndie

    So you're standing on a ledge, it looks like you might fall... just loving it.

    abril 2010
  • tmanrocker


    janeiro 2010
  • xxxvienie

    Feel Good~~ "The Madding Crowd" is nice Album

    dezembro 2009
  • JsseN

    Story of a girl , great song :) ♥

    novembro 2009
  • Jackynoie

    It's sooo nice to know that I wasn't the only one who sat around listening to "The Madding Crowd" over and over again. And I love "So Happily Unsatisfied" and it breaks my heart that they never got to release it.

    setembro 2009
  • Michallka

    ♥ Story of a girl

    agosto 2009
  • popcore_ny

    JOHN HAMPSON FROM NINE DAYS HAS A NEW SOLO RECORD, "SHINY NEW ALBUM"! You can preview tracks and buy the album here: You can learn more about John at: ?'S RICK POPCORE ENTERTAINMENT HTTP://WWW.POPCORE.NET RICK@POPCORE.NET 516-729-6872

    agosto 2009
  • ramiroreguerin

    buen grupo de rock alternativo ... dificil de creer que "i feel fine" no esté entre las más escuchadas

    julho 2009
  • Titan93

    story of a girl is a top song :)

    junho 2009
  • Dahminator

    God I totally forgot how good Madding Crowd was.

    junho 2009
  • brunobeolchi2

    Uma das melhores bandas que já ouvi! Simplesmente demais!

    maio 2009
  • alter_KOT

    nothing innovate as for me, I heard something like this music(

    maio 2009
  • Mr_Ramirez

    This band is so cool! I'm listening to 'Shipwreck Water' right now :D

    abril 2009
  • MagicallyAdept

    Great memories of this song! Still puts a smile on my face no matter what.

    março 2009
  • nachtschwarm

    My name is Alva Maria.Cool,huh?

    março 2009
  • Olek82's+Favorite+Drug try this one

    fevereiro 2009
  • Alfaddur

    If you like them, join the group Nine Days !!! They deserve their own fan page !

    janeiro 2009
  • selenia1991

    Absolutely (story of a Girl) is ... Awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome *O*

    dezembro 2008
  • TaNia-Y


    novembro 2008
  • MrHodgepodge

    If I Am, listen to it

    outubro 2008
  • eatingcereal

    is anything before the maddening crowd available on cd? or only mp3

    outubro 2008
  • kennyhoppus

    The Madding Crowd is so fu**ing good. You just can't stop listening over and over again.

    outubro 2008
  • edsonbrogni


    outubro 2008
  • Greenerey

    Amazing band, can't wait for their new stuff on the way!

    outubro 2008
  • Cudia

    <33333333333 IF I AM.. STORY OF A GIRL (LL)

    outubro 2008
  • buzzlotm

    Underrated because no one bothered to listen to the whole album!

    outubro 2008
  • disasterhead

    underrated coz theyre one hit wonder lol

    setembro 2008
  • WhatTheFrack


    setembro 2008
  • madewithbruises

    OMG Finally got their entire back catalogue. Only had the madding crowd for years!!

    setembro 2008
  • priscilat

    OMG 9 days is great!

    setembro 2008
  • phreddyfred

    if you would just come back to me i would be so GGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLAAAAADDDD!

    agosto 2008
  • didokah

    this iiiiiiiiiis the story of a girl.

    agosto 2008
  • Categorized

    'ocean' is amazing

    julho 2008
  • RachHoppus

    Still Here is one of my all-time favourite songs.

    junho 2008
  • hmcfanaddict

    I just saw them live last was good

    abril 2008