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  • tresfoufou

    i haven't heard another song that puts jealousy of another woman so perfectly...

    novembro 2014
  • MackSpane

    LMAO! Tennessee??? Jealousy is a much better title. It certainly fits the words better. You're brave to admit that (and hey, no judgement).

    novembro 2014
  • beenkissinwho

    I was just able to find this song! I remember hearing it a long time ago, and assuming she said "Tennessee", was looking for a song named that!

    outubro 2013
  • Miss-Kei


    abril 2012
  • topcattcw

    oh yeah !!

    abril 2010
  • ghschilder


    janeiro 2010
  • Fargobilly1

    great tune

    outubro 2009

    Her voice is unique. I thought she was at her peak with the 10,000 maniacs. Never get tired of listening to her.

    maio 2009
  • Cazzerina

    Great voice!

    maio 2009
  • cambises

    I love her!

    abril 2009
  • TantoTempo

    Oh how I Iove her so...

    abril 2009
  • verito70

    QUE VOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    abril 2009
  • edinor

    good to listen

    abril 2009
  • cambises

    I love her!

    março 2009
  • PandaGetSad

    perfect music!!!!

    março 2009
  • Plumbob

    this only plays in IHOP these days :(

    fevereiro 2009
  • fravog

    Lovely voice!

    fevereiro 2009
  • lightsout_black

    really really good =)

    janeiro 2009
  • captruss9800


    dezembro 2008
  • wendymorrison

    I love this song....I love everything that Natalie Merchant sings!!

    novembro 2008
  • efh1981

    I've always loved this song!

    outubro 2008
  • Eddie_AR

    Although this song sounds at Publix like 20 times in a week, I still think is a musical jewel

    setembro 2008
  • morphoeugenia

    if i didn't have cottage cheese in my mouth i'd sing along right now...

    agosto 2008
  • waruikitty

    I haven't heard this song in forever.

    julho 2008
  • voitaco

    superowy głos i świetne klimaty - po prostu facetka potrafi śpiewać !

    junho 2008
  • enviale

    Such a lovely voice.

    junho 2008
  • barni952

    como me gusta esta cantante, tiene la vos justa, no necesita gritar para ser comprendida es un angel cantando¡¡¡¡

    março 2008