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Nargaroth foi formado das cinzas da banda Exhuminez em 1996 por Kanwulf, Charoon, and Darken e as primeiras gravações foram completas em 1998 usando uma bateria eletrônica.

O apelido “Kanwulf” veio de um antigo livro frances com antigos nomes escandinavos, no qual o mais famoso é Beowulf e o menos famoso são nomes como Arkwulf.

O nome ” Nargaroth” vem da palavra ” Narg ” esta relacionado a natureza e Ash esta relacionado fortemente com isso e Gorgoroth pois Ash é grande fã da demo Sorcery in Blood e do álbum Pentagram.

Nargaroth é uma banda alemã de black metal formada em 1989 por René “Kanwulf” Wagner.


Charoon : Guitar
Kanwulf(ash) : Vocal,guitar and bass
Erebor : Drums


Orke demo (1998)

1. Barnedöd 01:37
2. Det Lys Aldri I Livet Orke 15:12
3. Asgardsrei 05:31
4. Getragen Von Valkyren 06:49
5. Nag Ur Sol 03:26
6. Escape Through the Gates to the Stars 08:42
7. Nadedöd 05:01
8. Auf Dem Grunde Des Sees Ruhend 07:14

Herbstleyd demo (1998)

1.Intro - Arise and Disgust / Herbstleyd 11:29
2.Karmageddon 04:40
3.Nargaroth - Symphonie Ewigen Lebens 02:32
4.Das Schwarze Gemälde 07:58
5.Frozen Emotions In the Naked Northwind (Des Alten Kriegers Seelenruh’) 10:53
6.Into the Void 08:46
7.Shall We Begin 05:54
8.Herbstleyd (Rehearsal) 02:48
9.Karmageddon (Rehearsal) 03:44

Herbstleyd (1999)

1. Introduction - Herbstleyd 16:03
2. Karmageddon 04:26
3. Nargaroth 03:03


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  • Damianek666XD

    @Lost_Souls_UK - Burzum sucks.

    22 Jul 10h07 Responder
  • Archenemy_Roy

    Possessed by Blaaaaaaack Fuuuuuucking Metaaaaaaaaaal

    18 Jul 5h59 Responder
  • Toementor

    Very much so. I swear I've dismissed it many-a-time.

    13 Jun 13h48 Responder
  • bardofesgaroth

    v You're aware that you can dismiss recommendations, right?

    9 Jun 19h21 Responder
  • Toementor

    Thinking about listening to an album just to get it off my damned Recommendations page. No, I don't want you there. Just which pile of butts is it.

    9 Jun 17h57 Responder
  • khe1991

    Hat Kanwulf seine eigenen Posts mittlerweile gelöscht, weil es selbst ihm zu peinlich ist, der größte Fanboy seiner eigenen Band zu sein? / Has Kanwulf deleted his own posts, because it's too embarassing (even for him), that he's the biggest fanboy of his own band?

    31 Mai 19h40 Responder
  • xxxsherezadexxx

    Black metal ist FUCKING KRIEG!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

    27 Mai 14h30 Responder
  • Iarna

    @AshNargaroth : We need more explanations. The 3 songs exposed in the videos have exactly NYCHTS sound (guitars and soundscape), NYCHTS melodic style, NYCHTS songs structure and atmosphere development, but like a sketch. I also found many similarities between the Spectral Vision album and some lines and effects used in their Und So Gehen Wir demo. If -according to "AshNargaroth" Post 1- they really think Und So Gehen Wir is a shame, why then use the same cosmetic tricks for this album? It seems as if they were just doing the work to be done. I don’t believe there is a fraud, but a collaboration including some gentlemen's agreement to which we will probably never know the real terms as there was no mentioning of NYCHTS being involved in the official Spectral Vision booklet, and that neither Ash nor Nychts mentioned it elsewhere. The result is 3 NYCHTS sketches , mixed with Ash's electronica wanderings combined with a spooky album title.

    19 Mai 19h00 Responder
  • khe1991

    Ich finde es ziemlich witzig, dass jetzt schon Kanwulf höchstpersönlich hier mit schreibt.

    19 Mai 16h46 Responder
  • Kaltenhoenn

    What's the anger for? If I were you, I would be glad if people took away from me credits to such weak album like Spectral Visions.

    19 Mai 16h05 Responder
  • milta

    18 Mai 19h49 Responder
  • Infinal

    Calm down, honey. I am not the one who started these claims – I merely forwarded them. No offense intended.

    16 Mai 20h58 Responder
  • Infinal

    So apparently Trähn from Nychts wrote more or less the entire Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare album for Ash. Who woulda thought

    11 Mai 0h07 Responder
  • Toementor

    That boring bit of tripe? Only the self-titled or perhaps the Aske EP have any sort of musical or audible credibility.

    7 Mai 21h49 Responder
  • rider_of_storm

    Incredibly overrated band

    3 Mai 12h07 Responder
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    You're showing your ignorance with the Burzum jibe. If you don't know the most influential band in the scene you should probably download Hvis lyset tar oss before you type your next word.

    1 Mai 9h18 Responder
  • Toementor

    People who listen to Nargaroth (and probably Burzum too) don't actually listen to black metal. Wowee.

    30 Abr 0h45 Responder
  • RagnarokStein

    I don't know why, but I love this band.

    15 Abr 19h13 Responder
  • sacrilegioustom


    2 Abr 8h54 Responder
  • Ulver1988

    "Back in time I used to be amazed by his music. I didn't get the jokes either. Later on I've got around Rene's personality and the kind of fanbase he attracts, for instance on Facebook. He's almost 40, but mentally 15. Some of the words he said are too absurd to even quote. As long his music is instrumental and he doesn't speak, it's ok. " I think the same about him/nargaroth. really loved the band. saw nargaroth many times live and really supported them. But this facebook satire and GBMC 15 year old mcfit posing shit sucks so hard balls. its so fucking childish. dont find any words, sold all my vinyls at ebay.

    27 Mar 20h19 Responder
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