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  • theblackjay

    I didn't get this track until I saw it live at Bonnaroo. I agree totally, ausber2000.

    junho 2011
  • GregCano

    Outstanding vocal performance. From beautifully delicate to epic, perfect from start to finish, lifted by quality lyrics. A brilliant track!

    junho 2011
  • ausber2000

    fucking EPIC ending. wow. seeing this live at Bonnaroo...unreal

    junho 2011
  • jackedup4444

    Holy crap I fuckin love this song

    agosto 2010
  • Kritta69

    This is an amazing song! Love it!

    janeiro 2009
  • SlideAway

    the end of this song is so awesomely epic

    janeiro 2009
  • bad_flucker

    Those lyrics are incomplete dude.

    outubro 2008
  • dirtymosquito

    this and sec walking are the best on evil urges for me

    julho 2008
  • Peaach

    maio 2008
  • G0S

    lyrics anywhere?

    maio 2008
  • awoeonip

    best song on the new album for me

    abril 2008
  • Jharod

    sounds like George Harrison :-)

    abril 2008
  • raysravens52

    I think Thank You Too and Sec Walkin are gonna overshadow this for me, but its still an amazing song.

    março 2008
  • swiebe

    An amazing song from what I am sure will be a great album. Can't wait until June!!!

    março 2008