• Mar. 6, 2009: Late Night Alternative Playlist + Download

    Mar 21 2009, 12h19 por muteoff

  • The Daily Song

    Out 22 2007, 12h50 por youngsoulrebel

    I’ve been sick, that´s why there has been a little slow here for a couple of days...sick and that I have rebuilt my bands homepage

    Today there will be a song by one of my absolute favorite bands for the last couple of years. This band is amazing in that way that they constantly dances on the edge between genius rock-melodies and too much rock. I realize that I am a bit indistinct here, what I mean is they got something that numerous rock bands lack. Other bands can give you a feeling that they could do that excellent album but they never will. On such artist is Eddie Vedder it feels like he could do a fantastic album but I am starting to doubt it. (sorry all Pearl Jam fans), I have discussed this with my friend Rickard (one of the singers in my band) he is a big Pearl Jam / Eddie Vedder fan and he agrees with me, Eddie are still better on paper then in real life.
    I could have picked basically any one of about 20 songs but today I choose this one, and that’s what The Daily Song is all about…