Morning Again was a hardcore band from Florida. They were known for their extreme metallic hardcore sound as well as for their straight edge, vegan and anti-government ideas. The band was a “sister band” to Culture, often switching members after one had left the other. Several members went on to play in other bands such as As Friends Rust and Dead Blue Sky. The band was originally from Cooper City, Florida, but moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1998.


The Cleanest War (1996)
Morning Again (1996)
Hand of Hope (1996)
Split w/ Shoulder (1997)
My Statement of Life in a Dying World (1997)
Martyr (1997)
As Tradition Dies Slowly (1998)
Split w/ 25 Ta Life (1998)
To Die a Bitter Death (1999)
The Fallen… The Few That Remain (2000)
Hand of the Martyr (2002)

Other contributions

“Martyr” - Appeared on You, who are Innocent, what Have You Done Worthy of Death? (1997)
“Stones” - Appeared on West Coast Hardcore vs. East Coast Hardcore (1998)
“To Die a Bitter Death” - Appeared on Sweet Deal! (2000)
“Turning Over” - Appeared on Transcend (2002)
“Turning Over” - Appeared on The Anti-Pop Sampler (2003)

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