• The Music That Has Been Stirring My Soul as of Late

    Mar 15 2008, 1h52 por sirensongs

    Ad Ombra - Rites of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum) - Ad Ombra are a new discovery for me, and are a musical entity whose music I have eagerly embraced. Their music is of the grandiose orchestral, dark, neo-classical style which I adore, and I suppose comparisons can be made to early Arcana, Chaostar, and Elend. There are parts of the album where I am literally reduced to shivers, and the singer, Alexandra Damian's voice is simply sublime. I foresee that I will frequently revisit this sombrely beautiful album.

    Arcana - Raspail - This was an eagerly anticipated release for me, and I was not disappointed. I must confess that Le Serpent Rouge was my least favourite Arcana release, and so I was hoping that Raspail would contain some of the same atmospheres in their earlier work that had so enticed me, bringing me back under their spell. And they have succeeded in this and then some! In my mind, Raspail takes all the elements that I liked from Le Serpent Rouge…