• PEARL JAM: Band yang "Mendengar"

    Out 17 2011, 11h30 por Lukin99

    Konser Pearl Jam di Calgary, Kanada (21 September 2011) lalu memberikan kesan khusus bagi fans Pearl Jam. Tak hanya dari susunan setlist lagu yang dibawakan mereka, namun juga detail kecil di sela-sela konser.

    Dari percakapan di forum penggemar Pearl Jam, Ten Club Community Forum, seorang user dengan ID nothingman4 menulis:

    "Sepupu saya, Sean, adalah inspirasi bagi saya dan keluarga untuk menggemari band ini. Ia merupakan sepupu tertua, dan membuka mata kami terhadap 'agama' yang kita sebut Pearl Jam. Ia meninggal pada 2007 dan kami sekeluarga sangat terpukul kehilangannya.

    Bersama dengan adik saya, kami bertemu Mike McCready pagi di hari konser. Kami berbicara mengenai beberapa hal, seperti tentang Calgary, pekerjaan dan beberapa hal lainnya. Sebelum ia pergi, saya menjelaskan apa yang saya tulis di paragraf atas. Saya bilang bahwa Sean sangat menyukai Deep dan sayangnya ia belum pernah mendengarkan lagu itu dibawakan live. Saya meminta kepada Mike agar band membawakannya malam itu."
  • TOP20 - Músicas...

    Jan 2 2010, 21h13 por RaulRoque

    É sempre legal selecionar algumas das músicas que mais significam e significaram algo pra você, não é mesmo? Nesses últimos dias estive pensando nisso e resolvi escolher algumas das faixas que mais me acompanharam durante todos esses anos de vida. Abdicando análises técnicas tanto líricas quanto sonoras, a coleção que agrupei aqui é intimamente pessoal - de fato as músicas que mais me influenciaram e estiveram presentes no meu dia a dia, independente se foram bem recebidas pela mídia em geral ou não. Ou se causaram algum impacto pelo mundo afora... A maioria se relaciona bastante com amor, nostalgia, rejeições e afabilidade. Um pouco os atributos, modéstia à parte, que compusaram minha vida até aqui.

    A única regra que propus é não repetir o mesmo artista durante a seleção. Sem mais delongas, segue a lista abaixo. Começando dos maiores pros menores, em ordem decrescente...

    Título: That's What You Do
    Intérprete: Maximilian Hecker
    Composição: Maximilian Hecker
    Álbum/Single: Rose (2003)
  • R.E.M. @ Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales

    Ago 28 2008, 17h54 por queeniefox

    Event Page

    ( How I saw R.E.M., danced around in my bra, lost my voice, squeed for England, got autographs, and probably killed my immune system for the next five weeks BUT DO I CARE, NO. Ahem. Now read on. )

    Ok, so, the bra thing? By way of explanation, the CIA was REALLY REALLY hot inside. I had taken my tights off earlier on, but eventually the t-shirt had to go as well. I'm probably the only person in the audience who took Michael Stipe's "clothing optional" statement literally but at least I didn't die through overheating or something. (The CIA staff had also taken away our water bottles before we went in "because you might throw them at the stage.") Note to bands (because so many I have seen live say things like this): do not say that you like the fact that the venue is hot because it adds to the atmosphere*. This is probably *why* people throw water bottles at the stage. ANYWAY.

    Support acts: Guillemots* = very good, Editors = good but too much of a Killers rip-off for me. …
  • The 31-songs shuffle game

    Jul 20 2007, 1h19 por mona_mothma

    That's how it works: I select all files on my audio player, press shuffle mode and write down the first lines of the next 30 songs.
    Now, you get to guess which songs they are. To make things easier, there's a list of all artists with a song (or more) in my list. But I think it's pretty easy anyway.
    Whoever gets the most correctly(song and/or artist) gets, er, a virtual hug and a cheer. ;)
    Have fun! I had.

    Song list:
    1. She grew up with the children of the stars, in the Hollywood hills and the boulevards
    Lullaby - Shawn Mullins

    2. We dare you to mean a single word you say

    3. Lady take a ride on a Zeke 64, Jerry wants to be a rockette

    4. Virginia was a lot lizard from f.l.a. She had a compound fracture in the trunk
    Misery - Green Day

    5. It's in the water baby, it's in the pills that bring you down
    Post Blue - Placebo

    6. Just tell me what you've got to say to me, I've waited for so long to hear the truth
    Your Woman - White Town

  • One

    Jun 26 2006, 18h55 por dusted21

    McCULLOUGH's MP3 OF THE WEEK 018: 06.26.2006

    Title: One
    Artist: Automatic Baby
    Year: 1993
    Download it here: http://dusted21.blogspot.com/2006/06/whoop-there-it-was.html

    This week's mp3 comes from a simpler time. A time when MTV used to have decent programming on it instead of shows where Xibit pimps yr ride and monosyllabic teenagers sit around and look pretty in orange county. The official name of the band performing this song was "Automatic Baby", culled from the latest album titles of its members, Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of R.E.M. and Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton of U2.

    Their performance of U2's "One" comes from Bill Clinton Inaugural Ball Ceremony, broadcast on MTV in 1993 (!). I've always tended to think that Michael Stipe had a better voice than Bono Vox (slightly), and this is back when both these bands weren't confounded me by going completely astray from where they started musically. It pains me to say I haven't bought a record by R.E.M. …
  • I am not a Dido fan.

    Set 16 2005, 19h16 por hourback

    For the record, I don't like Dido as much as my charts indicate. Why for that now, last.fm? Please stop sabotaging my image as indifferent to Dido.

    Who really kicks butt is The Streets. Once I finish listening to the only song I've ever heard from them I'll listen to a second song and find out of the sophomore slump is waiting for them! In the past!

    Also, I don't know how all of that Rem got in there. I like them but not that much and not that recently. Dead Letter Office is pretty hard to beat in my opinion. Even though Mike Mills is one of the more musical bassists I think their songwriting is bland, at least what I've heard on the radio.

    Dice rules.
  • Going to gigs...

    Ago 10 2005, 11h21 por Lardygirl

    Last night, I went to see Dinosaur Jr, original line up tour thingy. Loved it.

    A few months ago, my friend took me to R.E.M. since she had a spare ticket, and we have some history together regarding the band. Must have been in... 1989...? Ok now I sound like my father. I'll stop. What I was getting to, was how during the R.E.M. concert (liked the light arrangements & stage decore, other than that it was a dull event), between the songs they had this filmclip showing, with the name of each city they'd been to on the tour. When the clip stops at Stockholm and a narrator keeps repeating the name of the city, the whole audience cheers like insane. Why do people react like that? "Yes! They mentioned my city! Yay for me! Peter Buck/Michael Stipe/Mike Mills/Ken Stringfellow knows where they are! Their tourmanager knows where they are! They can pronounce my city! YAY!"

    I find that incredibly silly. I wonder if that happens in other cities too, or are us swedes very dense?