• Indonesian pre-selection

    Abr 19 2007, 15h47 por talkingmusic

    For the Indonesian pre-selection (national final) for 2007, a record 3.673 songs were entered. 15 made it to the final.
    Artists include Titi DJ who won the first edition of ISF in 2002. Agnes Monica, Melly Goeslaw the new band Ungu and several others.
    I will give you the full list tomorrow.
  • Indonesia introducing the songs for the pre-selection! 1.

    Mar 18 2007, 19h13 por talkingmusic

    Melly Goeslaw ft. BBB are the first artists that will enter the competition with the song "let's dance together" a typical old fashioned disco number, half sung in english, half in indonesian.
    BBB stands for Bukan Bintang Biasa ("Not the usual stars").

    The song is very up-tempo, is definately ready to become a big hit in Indonesia, so there they already have won half the competition it seems.
    Fact is though that no one knows the other songs yet, and we will hear them the coming days. So it is still open if something else will emerge as strong as this one.

    Within two weeks you will be able to hear all these songs through our e-snips isf2007 folder!!!
    Melly Goeslaw can also be found un the database under Melly Goeslaw & Anto Hoed

    While Melly is a solo singer, she writes most songs with her husband Anto, and they write many songs for Idonesian movies.
    At the same time, Melly keeps going on with her own solo career. Don't be surprised though to see her perform in the strangest creations possible. …
  • Artist of the Month......

    Fev 27 2007, 3h32 por talkingmusic

    In January, Ruth Sahanaya was my artist of the month. Ruth, who will be touring again soon, had a new album, and she is one of the best female artists of Indonesia.

    In February it was time for Edsilia Rombley who was again selected to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Finland. She is a fanastic woman, a great performer and has a voice that is really warm and inspiring.

    So who is it going to be in March? It is again an Indonesian Diva....
    Though she often dresses awfully, like a little enfant terrible, she is one of the best songwriters/composers of Indonesia, with music composed for many of Indonesia's best movies like Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and Heart. Her recent succes with BBB brings her really into the spotlight to go international. She could have written this song for any succesful group like Steps or even for theVengaboys cause the sound is very European.

    Let's Dance Together (feat. BBB) is a great dance song…