Medwyn is a legend in the world of music with over three million album sales to his credit. He has gained an international reputation for composing and recording quite stunning music. He is regarded as being amongst the finest multi-instrumentalist in the music industry. Amongst his credits are “Earth Healer” which was voted leading instrumental album of 1992 and the acclaimed “Druid” trilogy 1990. His reputation was further recognised with three phenomenally successful music albums, “Way of the Dolphin” and “Great Spirit” for which he was awarded Gold Disc status with each album selling in excess of 100,000; and “Medicine Woman” which was awarded Gold, Platinum and a coveted ‘Best Album Ever’ award in 2002 for selling in excess of 450,000.

In 1994-6 Medwyn continued to entertain and amaze his fans with best sellers such as ‘Nazca’, ‘Dolphin Quest’, and the ever-popular ‘Arthurian Series’.
now re-released as a special 3 CD pack entitled KING ARTHUR.

More recently Medwyn captivated his audience with the launch of the ‘Clan’ trilogy and Medicine Woman II no reaching Gold disc status. He was also awarded ‘1999 Best Album of the Year’ award for the groundbreaking album ‘Millennium’ and a nomination for a prestigious Indie award, for the no1. NAV chart album ‘Comet’. Further success came with the no-1 UK album ‘Rhythm of the Ancients’ and ‘Medicine Woman III’.

Inspired by nature, ancient mysteries and cultures, his music magically blends many acoustic instruments. Medwyn writes and records his music in his private studio in rural Cornwall. He plays over a dozen instruments and has evolved unique styles of instrumental music, which are highly melodic, deeply expressive and very inspiring. His music connects to your soul and his melodies can haunt you for days.

Medwyn is the owner and director of MG Music with his wife Wendy Goodall.

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