It’s been a wild first year for Marion Crane.

After the band played its first show on Valentine’s Day 2009. they found themselves being aired on the nationally syndicated Lex & Terry radio show less than 3 months later. From there, an EP release that garnered critical acclaim in the northern Florida market, to regular airplay on their hometown radio station WPLA, “Illegitimate” being featured on the soundtrack to the film “The Unwelcome” at the Jacksonville 48 hour film festival, opening for such national acts as Sevendust, and a growing fanbase in the thousands - one reviewer took note, saying, “Marion Crane is a band that’s going places”.

It all started in 2008, when singer/guitarist Thomas Hill moved from his home state of Ohio (“the serial killer capital”) to the beaches of Jacksonville, FL to start a new project. He recorded a 4 song demo, playing all the instruments himself excepts drums (which were handled by Burn Season drummer Bobby Amaru) and was produced by Stan Martell (Evergreen Terrace, Shawn Fisher).

After which, he used to build a band.

From then on the band played shows through northern Florida in the spring of 2009, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Gainesville, Daytona, including the Lex & Terry Ride for Autism in their hometown. In May, the band went into Martell Productions and recorded 2 more songs and combined them with the previous 4 that Hill had recorded to complete an official EP.> In June, “Illegitimate” was featured in the Wyldstone Films picture “The Unwelcome”, which aired at the Jacksonville 48 hour film festival.

A month later, the Amphetamine EP hit the streets.

July also saw the addition of Henry McMillan joining the band on bass. McMillan, also a professional photographer, had actually met the band while doing a photoshoot for them earlier in 2009. Through a twist a fate, a few months later he was in the band.

Throughout the fall of 2009, the band continued to piece together the songs that would become their full-length debut album, as well as continuing to expand their fanbase with regular live performances, including sharing the stage with the likes of Sevendust.

At that time, the band went back into the studio to record 7 new tracks with Stan Martell in December 2009 and January of 2010. The album was released on April 10th to a warm reception. The band also shared the stage with mult-platinum rock band Fuel in May in their hometown of Jacksonville.

The band is currently writing new material, as well as revamping its lineup and stage show. No longer just an idea on paper, Marion Crane has made its name known in the northern Florida rock market over the past year, and are looking to take their music to a higher level.

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