• Back to the Future

    Abr 22 2007, 22h24 por Ben010783

    The songs I've been listening to lately are from the 80's and newer releases. I recently bough the game GTA: Vice City Stories. The original Vice CIty was my favorite because it had the best gameplay and music. The new game doesn't dissappoint as far as music is concerned (the game still feels a little too easy to me).

    There are a lot of hits on the VCS soundtrack, but here are the ones I've been listening to most:
    Boogie Down Bronx
    Request Line
    Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    The other songs I have been listing to are from the Dance Department podcast.
    Magenta (Original Mix)

    I know that's an odd mix of songs, but they're all great. I'm really liking the Speakerboxx/The Love Below double CD (why did I wait so long to buy it?). I've been listening to Prototype the most. I know a music video was made for the song, but I haven't been able to find it yet.
  • sleeve notes, november 2005: there's going to be a hawking riot

    Dez 24 2005, 19h57 por sumit

    So much for pulling back a week.


    This month's title courtesy of Mr Hicks, inspired by crowd control at Waterstones of Gower Street. Cover: Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, as photographed by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Gatefold: false-colour image of elementary particles in a bubble chamber. Back cover: artist's conception of a black hole, from goWallpapers.com. Liner: slightly modified from Jason Theodor's iChair and MacinTalk. Disc: total solar eclipse, grepped from somewhere on the interweb.

    Welcome to the sleevenotes for there's going to be a hawking riot, a digest of what Sumit was listening to in November 2005. This month, iTunes tells me I played 731 items, totallng 3 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes or 5:05Gb of music This total doesn't take account of tracks I listened to more than once, some of the tracks I played on my iPod, or any tracks I played on CD; nor does it include streaming audio or radio stations.