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  • BananasABC

    they were real cute together too bad diplo is a snakey cakey.

    setembro 2013

    diplo = loser

    junho 2013
  • MsVictoriaA88

    I am so happy I got the copy. I love the mixtape

    dezembro 2012
  • strutterf

    shit is tight

    julho 2012
  • edubbwitthevdub

    They were damn cute together

    junho 2012
  • lll__

    only copy i can find costs over $30 !!! someone help!

    maio 2012
  • maxsuxx


    março 2012
  • thesleepycloud

    wow diplo is hot lol

    fevereiro 2012
  • lady-marmelade

    A really good colabo.

    outubro 2011
  • ixlovextofu

    Breaking up is hard to do.

    março 2011
  • ohsolucky

    fuck you both then T_T

    novembro 2010
  • Snotkwal


    setembro 2010
  • WhaddupFatlip

    no can't do

    setembro 2010
  • ohsolucky

    can everyone please suggest "M.I.A. & Diplo" as the real title? fucking pitchfork and their M.I.A./Diplo

    agosto 2010
  • fefemlkzica

    Hot shit

    junho 2010
  • WhyAyala

    yeah no kidding, every other collab is tagged as (artist) and/& (artist) why is this (artist)/(artist)? just looks stupid

    maio 2010
  • ohsolucky

    taking as M.I.A. & Diplo i dont give a fuck looks beter than M.I.A/Diplo

    abril 2010
  • ohsolucky

    Diplo's mix of Bingo is excellent. But, I refuse to tag this album in my itunes as M.I.A./Diplo.

    janeiro 2010
  • hetisjeboy

    @rcaz: Mine either:(

    janeiro 2010
  • Rexmous

    SICKKKKKKKK enough said bitches

    janeiro 2010
  • rcaz

    my wmp does not want to tag this as M.I.A./Diplo!

    novembro 2009
  • postcoitusrock

    they were quite good together weren't they?

    outubro 2009
  • trucizna0

    "China Girl" is great!

    agosto 2009
  • monster_mash1

    lol tagged as indie hahahaha

    junho 2009
  • beeftrapeze

    @havmaleducado - this 'stupid tag' is popular because the Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape was a collaboration between MIA and her then boyfriend Diplo. While I realise her first album was pretty much entirley collaborations with various producers and DJ's, this mixtape had lyrics and vocals written and performed by maya, with music, beats, remixes etc, all controlled by Diplo. Seeing as Diplo had such a huge part in producing this collage of music, it would be unfair to credit it all to maya's vocals.

    junho 2009
  • natsumiaki


    março 2009
  • rcaz


    março 2009
  • mischgo give this track a try if you like MIA kick ass song imo

    fevereiro 2009
  • KMTema24

    love M.I.A.....

    fevereiro 2009
  • psychedelicate

    lol yeaaaa bruuuuutal tagging.

    janeiro 2009
  • panzetton

    great sound...

    janeiro 2009
  • spaarkijs

    omg, indie

    dezembro 2008
  • tkParklife

    there are some funny comments here/surprised to see so much diplo hate

    dezembro 2008
  • Ganz_De_Ville

    check it out > >

    novembro 2008
  • Tijnvveen

    outubro 2008
  • restlessly

    best; good;]

    setembro 2008
  • krazytape

    great songs!!! check our work too

    setembro 2008
  • RottenBerry

    Is this being merged with M.I.A. & Diplo? Did they have one of those vote things or something? My tags and what is showing up on my profile page do not match up. This is really cool stuff though.

    agosto 2008
  • colinb7654

    Well it says Philadelphia native, which last time i checked would make him American...not really sure what else there is to it.

    agosto 2008
  • psychedelicate

    i find it weird that the description firstly states her heritage then goes into his career. whitey dont need to represent his shit for westerners i guess. typical.

    agosto 2008
  • timmyxcore

    mtv can go die.

    julho 2008
  • kitsune-tsuki

    so buy the full version :/

    julho 2008
  • ma_lexx

    I really want PAPER PLANES on here plus that at Bucky Done Gun to be FULL VERSION! oooo its so anoying when u just hear 30 seconds of it....

    julho 2008
  • youth_in_asia

    they're adorable together. benjamin brewer needs to GTFO

    junho 2008
  • BumJacket

    Diplo and MIA did break up. She broke up with him because he was cheating on her. They do occasionally still hook up. Diplo did recently said MIA is the kind of girl he wanted to marry.

    maio 2008
  • mamcie


    maio 2008
  • Ristofari

    She is much better alone and especially more innovative.

    abril 2008
  • psychedelicate

    didnt they break up? i prefer MIA sans diplo, so it really bugs me when people claim he made her famous.

    abril 2008
  • msflux

    I love M.I.A. with or without Diplo, but they have some rad beats together.

    abril 2008
  • jakthund


    março 2008