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Lostprophets foi uma banda de do País de Gales formada em 1997. Eles produziram muitos demos (nenhum comercializado), três álbuns e 11 singles.
O seu primeiro álbum ‘thefakesoundofprogress’ foi gravado numa semana por £5000 como um demo glorificado, mas a banda re-editou-o e re-lançou-o numa escala muito maior com a Columbia Records nos EUA, no entanto continuavam com a Visible Noise no Reino Unido. Eles lançaram ‘Start Something’ em 2004, ‘Liberation Transmission’ em 2006, ‘The Betrayed’ em 2010 e ‘Weapons’ em 2012.


Ian Watkins - vocal
Jamie Oliver - teclado, backing vocal e turntables
Stuart Richardson - baixo
Lee Gaze - guitarra
Mike Lewis - guitarra
Luke Johnson - bateria


DJ Stepzak
Mike Chiplin
Ilan Rubin


* Here Comes The Party - Demo (1997)
* Para Todas Las Putas Celosas - Demo (1998)
* The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000)
* The Fake Sound Of Progress (2001)
* Start Something (2004)
* Liberation Transmission (2006)
* The Betrayed (2010)
* Weapons (2012)

Curiosidade: A música “To Hell We Ride”, do álbum “Start Something”, participa da trilha sonora do jogo “Need For Speed: Underground”, com o título alterado para “Ride”. A música “Burn, Burn”, do mesmo álbum, participou da trilha sonora do jogo “FIFA 2004”. O álbum “Start Something” alcançou a 33ª colocação na lista de melhores discos da Billboard, em 2004. A banda foi indicada ao “Kerrang Awards 2002” na categoria de Melhor Banda Britânica.


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  • spineshank155

    29 years in prison isn't the worst part. Ian will have to live with the rest of his life as a sex offender and that's if he manages to survive in prison. Tim didn't have his head on straight. He certainly knew what he was doing but at the same time he was taking steroids and allowing himself to get in a bad state of mind. It makes no sense why a person who was taught to trust God (or trusted God) gave up on his faith for something so mediocre, he started a family and wound up in a bad situation. I don't have a problem with people who don't believe in God, it's that people just don't think straight. Ian is screwed up in the head and it's just sick that someone would even think of doing something so despicable. Ian might have been a good singer, but he chose to end it. It's just a part of life that good artists can't be around forever. Tim caused AiLD to go defunct, it's a shame but other great artists can be found. The same for Lostprophets.

    9 horas atrás Responder
  • starsburnonfire

    I think Tim also knew what he was doing was wrong. The main difference is, Ian actually committed his crime. Tim's wife didn't get murder, the plan failed. Ian might of not actually rape the baby, but he did abuse groupie's kids. Besides even if his sentence was reduced, he doesn't win anything. He lost his career and respect by fellow fans, friends and probably family.

    11 horas atrás Responder
  • BadBlackFlag

    You are pedophile if you listen to this stuff

    Ontem 22:19 Responder
  • JamesPhillips70

    You are "disappointed he was caught"?! or disappointed that the music you like was created by a repulsive, reprehensible individual? There is a huge difference in those statements, which is it? >>>> the latter, shame he was caught Because he was such a good singer, that doesn't mean i sympathize with kiddy fiddling, he will do his time, not all good music is made by good people, an instant example off the top of my head is 50 cent... 2 pac, tim labesis of course for a plot to murder his wife (from what i remember) but there is surely no comeback in law from kiddy fiddling, from a musical perspective it is a shame Ian Watkins is caught, he is a rockstar legend.. but no one is above the law. I heard about his appeal yesterday, i thought he was open to appeal in 19 years not a few months... the sentence is harsh though.. 29 years in a cage might as well be dead lol if i was watkins i'd make audacious attempts for suicide but hey, do the crime do the time

    Ontem 20:25 Responder
  • spineshank155

    "Lostprophets' Ian Watkins jail term appeal refused" Good! Because if Watkins gets released before Tim Lambesis there would seriously be something wrong with our justice system. Not that TIm doesn't deserve jail time because he does for doing something so foolishly dumb but Watkins should be imprisoned for life. Ian had full conscious ability to see what he was doing was wrong. I'm disappointed that he wasn't caught sooner and even more disappointed that he would even do such a thing. The greatest disappointment is that people actually defend this guy. Artists can be found anywhere, the band is in another project now and Ian is only one person. He's been found guilty and been sentenced to prison. He ruined his own life and the rest of the band has to deal with being involved with a pedophile. He deserves prison. Ian lacked self control and is finished.

    Ontem 19:38 Responder
  • und_06

    I hope that they come back with a new singer, they're too good to be ruined by Ian. [5]

    Ontem 18:29 Responder
  • ProudValkyrie

    "Judges have thrown out an appeal by paedophile rock star Ian Watkins to reduce the length of his jail term for child sex offences".

    Ontem 16:08 Responder
  • LeavinHere

    You are "disappointed he was caught"?! or disappointed that the music you like was created by a repulsive, reprehensible individual? There is a huge difference in those statements, which is it?

    Ontem 13:37 Responder
  • JamesPhillips70

    Ian watkins was and probably still is a good singer, lol just because you're in jail doesn't take away your talent.. to be perfectly honest i'm dissapointed he was caught, you know the music is so good, i've literally listened to all 5 albums front to back, back to front and sadly I think i found my favourite band, but all too little too late of course, he didn't plead guilty to rape of underage girls which means the girls came to him and a lot of people that know Watkins said he got fed up with 20 yr olds and wanted to be more daring and it's entirely believable underage girls would go to him backstage because he WAS famous and good looking, i'm not gay but you can tell good looking people to ones hit with a shovel but i digress. I look at him and think "you had it all, nothing wrong with your life or you as a person" but if you f*** kids then there is no one else to blame or to take the punishment when you get found out for wrong doing, Ian wrecked the band but he provided good music

    18 Jul 19h03 Responder
  • Dune97

    DSCyberLink, действительно нахуя, надо было им начать ебашить jailhouse rock©! Ну ты и даун, братишка :D

    18 Jul 13h57 Responder
  • helvetegyt2

    I hope that they come back with a new singer, they're too good to be ruined by Ian. [4]

    18 Jul 7h53 Responder
  • DSCyberLink

    ну и нахуя они распались? отличное музло :(

    17 Jul 10h09 Responder
  • marksplace2008

    Ian Watkins ex-girlfriend has been posting over on the David Icke under the name "misstaken"

    12 Jul 13h53 Responder
  • RabbitRicochet9

    Tonight tonight tonight I feel stronger,Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Watkins

    11 Jul 18h19 Responder
  • OneSalient

    Sentencing remarks detailing the crimes of Ian Watkins:

    4 Jul 22h51 Responder
  • JamesPhillips70

    3 Jul 16h03 Responder
  • JamesPhillips70

    new band confirmed "no devotion"

    3 Jul 15h25 Responder
  • ShockSlogans

    Second most entertaining. The Heavenly shoutbox still tops it.

    30 Jun 19h57 Responder
  • spineshank155

    The most entertaining shoutbox on Lastfm. [2] Better then the Opeth shoutbox with the Akerstache fanboys.

    30 Jun 0h09 Responder
  • hookbags

    The most entertaining shoutbox on Lastfm.

    29 Jun 8h22 Responder
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