• Songs of 2007

    Fev 23 2007, 23h53 por xxtastetheAUDIO

    So I've decided this year to compile a list of songs that I might obssess over this year. They won't necessarily be songs released in 2007. Keep that in mind.

    1. Tokyo Tokyo
    by Arrah and the Ferns
    This song is my definition of 'beauty'. The airy soft vocals in contrast to the jangly banjolin is just delicious! Makes me want to go somewhere.

    2. Apple For Evan
    by Arrah and the Ferns
    Also by A&tF, this song is more cutesy compared to Tokyo, Tokyo. Just made me bob my head and give me fuzzy feelings.

    3. As Winter Gives Way to Spring
    by Springfactory
    The "older" [can't think of any other way to describe it] feeling this song has is catchy and whistle worthy. I listened to it all winter long and made me crave for spring like you cannot believe.

    4. Did I Step on Your Trumpet
    by Danielson
    Head bob inducing. I love the female back up vocalists.

    5. We Expected
    by The hussys
    Pop goodness with a little edge to it. It's a bitter song about meeting and failing expectations.

    Nov 18 2006, 11h58 por Heathcote

    Animal Collective

    YEAH! :D

    We Tigers

    W00P W00P!

    It's odd how much one looks forwards to the weekly charts...I'm sure good websites could make someone that make everyone look forward to mondays...that would be nice...

    I Am the Arm tonight!

    Martin Grech two nights ago!
    He was in an odd form, acostic solo, he forget lyrics to songs on times...get fans to tell him lyrics!
    Made me hungry for live band grech :D
    Sadly, i think live band grech may not come around for awhile yet :( His new album(!) is acostic from what he says and what he plays...

    David Ford before too long, milk and cookies looks like it is going to be amazing!

    He has been doing so much of that touring and stuff, he must have wrote a few songs that he'll make an album and then come and play my bedroom for 10 years...

    Anybody know any songs with yodeling in?


    Here is a list of Swedish bands i like, if you know any Swedish bands you like that are not on this list - do tell!
  • The bird flu pt. 2

    Ago 14 2006, 16h50 por Nicam

    Uh, Oh! I've seen YOU live too!
    From July 2006 - June 2007.

    25/05 2007 - Saturday Looks Good To Me - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    18/05 2007 - Gentle Touch - Smålands Nation, Lund
    15/04 2007 - Deerhoof - The Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
    15/04 2007 - The Blow - The Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
    21/03 2007 - Lucky Lucky Pigeons - Smålands Nation, Lund
    21/03 2007 - Steso Songs - Smålands Nation, Lund
    09/03 2007 - x partners - Kålgården, Gothenburg
    10/11 2006 - The Guild - Landet, Stockholm
    06/10 2006 - Cats On Fire - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    06/10 2006 - Ultrasport - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    05/10 2006 - Cats On Fire - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    05/10 2006 - Scaredycat - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    05/10 2006 - Younolovebunny - Kulturhuset, Copenhagen
    08/09 2006 - Nicolas Makelberge - Blekingska nationen, Lund
    02/09 2006 - Obstinate Esther - Bunkerpop, Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen
    02/09 2006 - Scaredycat - Bunkerpop, Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen
  • my favorite music

    Jan 28 2006, 12h38 por sing-sing