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This is an SCG3 special report with Sam Romero
Sam: "Good evening.
I'm Sam Romero. We continue our Special report now on the so called monster invasion. As Of 11 a.m. today, the president has declared the nation to be on the marshal law. Reports coming in now indicate the mass hysteria continues to spread through out the globe. It is not yet confirmed by officials what is causing these horrific events, but it is suggested by certain sources, that these creatures are now being spotted through out the world are niether human, nor are they wild animals. It is strongly advised that people should stay indoors, and if you encounter one of these beings, DO NOT try to make contact with them. They will attack without warning. Our very own William Tracy in the skies, now reporting. Will?"
Will: "Sam, we are here hovering over Downtown were the monsters are litterely swarming the city. The freeways are clogged. there is absolutly now way out of Downtown. these creatures they're are incredibly strong. A few minutes ago, we saw one actually pick up an SUV, and throw it at a clump of people, and then... Eh? Zoom in on that! yeah! Are we getting that? Its actually looking at us! Its, its climbing! its, no Pull up, PULL UP PULL U... scratch... UUP... ROAR... scratch"

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