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  • R_Victor

    novembro 2013
  • evandro15


    outubro 2013
  • Crabroast22

    sigh, it's a shame they went to shit. this is one of their best <3 [2]

    maio 2013
  • ksandra_naglaya


    fevereiro 2013
  • ManiacDancer

    I forgot this song is so fucking amazing!!! Like, so fucking amazin

    novembro 2012
  • elleneng

    Maybe on there future reunion album they will go back to their roots ;) [2]

    outubro 2012
  • PiniaDe

    my childhood :D

    agosto 2012
  • Krakker1994

    / Maybe on there future reunion album they will go back to their roots / Confirmed that "Living Things will be rap rock/electrorock album,not nu metal.Pity,but [LIИKIИ PARK] b4 2004 and present Linkin Park since 2007 are 2 different bands,they burned the bridges.

    maio 2012
  • Alena_D

    Reminds me last summer.

    abril 2012
  • RickLip

    And they really used to be THAT good!

    julho 2011
  • the108

    breakin a part of my heart to find release, takin you out of my blood to bring me peace...

    dezembro 2010
  • brunofin keeps correcting this as Linkin Park, but they were called "Hybrid Theory" at the time. Anyways awesome song. Hope LP get back to its roots like all bands are doing!

    outubro 2010
  • LPFreak1992

    "cryptic colloquialism."

    agosto 2010
  • CrAzYbRiT15


    agosto 2010
  • EsauLP

    андеграунд ипать=)

    junho 2010
  • CrAzYbRiT15

    Best song of LP ))

    abril 2010
  • lp4ever55

    Best LP Song... ;)

    abril 2010
  • tanjila

    sigh, it's a shame they went to shit. this is one of their best <3

    março 2010
  • DArkhan1

    Graet song . ending is amazing !

    fevereiro 2010
  • g4rgus

    Best song of LP

    agosto 2009
  • drwacho

    One of their best songs.

    julho 2009
  • My4oKFanLP

    1'st song with Chester! <3

    junho 2009
  • 6sic6

    they will never make songs like this again, too bad :/

    março 2009
  • EsauLP


    março 2009
  • Azki

    ElvenStone38 is right. :S

    fevereiro 2009
  • Guitar4MySolo

    i miss the old linkin park. theyre getting too light now

    janeiro 2009
  • rok93

    hum hum.

    novembro 2008
  • butrom4ik

    обожаю их=)надеюсь они исправятся за minutes to midnight и сделают что-то стоящее,как раньше...=)

    novembro 2008
  • szarburus

    I haven't listened to this in years, I forgot how awesome this is <3

    novembro 2008
  • brakeboy2005

    Linkin Park is my way ; Linkin Park Blog is my life - :P

    agosto 2008
  • ElvenStone38

    If they could only come back to these times, they would rock three times more than now with their new silly looks and average music (MTM album) :/ oh well

    abril 2008
  • Oterro

    damn, this rocks. I remember the old times..

    outubro 2007
  • lpgreatfan

    this song is great!! too bad i don't have the original hybrid theory ep, it's very hard to find...;(

    agosto 2007
  • gusizzle

    Yer, the EP is a great record, it really captures the esscence of their sound

    agosto 2007
  • Ruzan

    Amazing track. Mike part comes unexpected and hits hard. Seriously one of the best things they've done.

    maio 2007
  • sancezz

    The EP by Hybrid Theory/Linkin Park is strangely very, very good. Some of the songs are easily better than the songs on the album Hybrid Theory...especially this one and Carousel.

    maio 2007