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  • elita_blya

    ALARM!!!ALARM!!! Russians are coming! Read and listen carefully! Still think U are cool? No, if U didn't listen this gorgeous EP! No more boring music styles! There is no limits for this crazy RUSSIAN bastards! They will really explode your mind! So, if U are not like other sad people , just listen them and tell your friend about G.G. Nonsense! Like it or not U gonna love this guys!

    dezembro 2013
  • lasseniko

    @Elefanten that is offensive

    outubro 2013
  • elefanten

    Danielle Steel's Dead Son is a good band name.

    outubro 2013
  • elita_blya

    skacore from Russia! Vodka, matryoshka, accordion and aggression

    janeiro 2013

    incredible band. 17 Reasons is a classic.

    abril 2011
  • Fpanhoca

    RIP Nick

    agosto 2010
  • aGrimProduction - dedicated to the memory of Link 80 and Nick Traina

    julho 2010
  • ray80


    julho 2010
  • shipikrotov

    комон комон

    abril 2010
  • Katha2424

    And Nick was so much talented. When he died the world lost a brilliant musician and a wonderful guy! Nick, you´re still in our hearts - forever! <3

    março 2010
  • Katha2424

    I´m addicted to Verbal Kint ♥

    março 2010
  • chexaschainsaw

    im gonna get my first and probably only tattoo that says the struggle continues

    setembro 2009
  • E1ctstus

    Can't find anything, totally nowhere. Shit.

    agosto 2009
  • gomezeroles


    agosto 2009
  • tvideira

    the stuggle continues...

    julho 2009
  • maaaaayy

    nick :~

    março 2009
  • slaven93

    ska-core крутая штука рекомендую песню Tengo Nada и Step Up

    março 2009
  • shotforsmile

    Reast In Peace Nick

    fevereiro 2009
  • drunk__tank

    real ska-punk

    fevereiro 2009
  • TheSilentDead

    there cover of My Girl may just be better than the original

    agosto 2008
  • chickrocksteady

    link 80 in csi? haha well i never

    julho 2008
  • xmikox516

    one of the best experiences i have had during my younger days was playing with this band at my show, then the ridiculously good time we had for a few days thereafter. if any of you link 80 clowns read this thing, drop me a line. xmikox from long island...

    maio 2008
  • higaimousou

    Heh, sort of a trip seeing an old classmates band have a page on

    março 2008
  • alicetragedy

    I really dislike ska, but Nick used to write such beautiful lyrics and texts. :(

    janeiro 2008
  • Mc_Nally


    setembro 2007
  • davidlwdn

    I did a bit of poking around and found out that some ex-Link 80 and RX Bandits are on a new project called Satori.

    agosto 2007
  • davidlwdn

    @babyvato Some of the other band members went to DESA, I beleive.

    agosto 2007
  • RL91

    RIP Nick Traina, he made some of the best music ever

    agosto 2007
  • dyingstart

    these guys should get off hiatus!

    julho 2007

    I love Nick Traina

    junho 2007
  • babyvato

    hey, does anyone know what the other projects the band members are working on now? thanks.

    abril 2007
  • chickrocksteady


    março 2007
  • Rudy_Soho

    Hahaha..Link90. Never heard of them.

    fevereiro 2007
  • CaughtIACutshow

    So Is Link 80

    janeiro 2007