• The Eden House, Legion, Lilygun

    Fev 8 2010, 23h31 por Soundhog

    Sat 6 Feb – The Eden House

    OK, time to bring back the obligatory alcohol-related comment since tonight's oddysey started in the Seven Stars - and my two contenders are Cotleigh's Honey Buzzard and Sharp's Cornish Coaster both of which started the evening in a suitably relaxed fashion. Of the two, preferred the Coaster as the Buzzard was a little heavy on the honey/chocolate for my tastes on this occasion : )

    That meant we didn't get to see all of Lilygun's set, but the 4 songs we did get to hear sum up why this band deserve a bigger audience. Their style swings on a compass somewhere between ephemeral, folk/rock, intense, fusion, all with a darkwave twist and topped off by Anna-Christina's lorelei vocals that draw you in and keep you there. No drums tonight, just the addition of Adam B on guitar, but none the less powerful for it. Intriguing and definitely worth checking out further.

    Which brings us to Legion, that's to say this Legion, and the promise of drum machines, smoke machines…