• Radio David Byrne - May- Afro-Cuban classics

    Mai 3 2006, 8h47 por mjcrbt

    From David Byrne

    David Byrne’s site has a radio which playlist changes monthly:

    A Skewed History: Part III: Latin Rock

    The tree trunk that was last month's “radio” selection branched off in many directions. Tropical music — salsa, merengue, batchata, plena, cumbia — continued, it remains popular, but it also grew additional limbs that became reggaeton, Latin jazz and what is sometimes called Latin rock. It’s also called Rock en Español and Rock Nacional (in Argentina) to separate it from North American acts like Santana or Los Lobos. To me, hearing this music for the first time was not only evidence of a new and exciting cultural and musical fusion, but it also seemed to be something that was emblematic of my own generation’s global condition.
    Like me, this generation of Latinos grew up with rock, R&B, soul and funk as its soundtrack. A generation in Mexico, Argentina and elsewhere grew up hearing James Brown, Jimi Hendrix…