Leila (real name: Leila Arab, born 1971) is an Iranian recording artist, producer and dj based in London.
She has worked with prominent European musicians such as Björk, and has released music on Rephlex Records, XL Recordings and Warp Records.
She has also recorded experimental and rare music under the alias Grammatix (credited as Aliel Bara) and Little Miss Specta. Leila is currently finishing new material for Warp Records featuring Mt.Sims.
In 1993, she began working with Bjork for the “Debut” and “Post” tours. In 1998 she released her debut album Like Weather on Rephlex Records which included the single Don’t Fall Asleep. The album features vocal contributions from Donna Paul, Luca Santucci and Leila’s sister, Roya Arab. In 2000 she released Courtesy of Choice on XL Recordings, with vocal contributions from the same singers. In 2003 , she rejoined Bjork for her 2003 greatest hits tour. In 2005, a collaboration between Leila and Bjork from the greatest hits tour called “Nameless” (subsequently titled “Storm”) appeared on the the Matthew Barney film and soundtrack of Drawing Restraint 9. In 2008 she released her most recent album Blood, Looms and Blooms on Warp Records. On this album, Leila worked with Terry Hall and Martina Topley-Bird in addition to her long term collaborators Luca Santucci and Roya Arab. In 2009 she contributed a cover of an Aphex Twin song to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation.

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