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14 Jul 2010 | de

Its just a few days away from Nerdapalooza! Are you ninjas ready for the level of awesome thats about to occur? Yes, Krondor Krew is ready to bring the heat like a thousand hand slap! Check out the Nerdapalooza website for details on the whole event. We hit the stage Saturday morning, but will be at the event the WHOLE TIME, ready to hug, high five, and katate chop anyone who wants one.

As the new tradition holds for Nerdapalooza, we'll be doing a cover song during out set. I promise you, this will be talked about well after Nerdapalooza, so you won't wanna miss it.

Krondor has been getting some sweet press lately that we think you need to know about:

First: Did you know we got reviewed in Fuck yea we did, thanks to our ninja from another dojo, Curtis Sliver, for the amazing review (
Second: Z from Hipster, Please also gave us a great album review ( We can't wait to see this shogun of awesome at Nerdapalooza!
Third: These ninjas are the 2nd BEST HIP HOP ACT IN ORLANDO!! (

What is all this?? Well, if you have been completely out of the loop, Krondor Krew has made the single bridge between the Garden of Eden and Avalon. Thats right, only these hip hop ninjas could be highly trained hip hop assassins for BOTH EMPulse Records and Scrub Club!! We've made the deal, and helped to form a bridge where the world benefits from the joint ventures of 2 amazing labels!

Read up, and check it all out, ninjas. Shit just got real.


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