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  • maya_papaya19

    I miss this song so much omg.

    agosto 2014
  • Nachossss

    пффф вжжж туц туц

    julho 2014
  • ieroport

    оно прекрасно

    fevereiro 2014
  • teoce

    insanlar tepinip terleri içinde boğulsun diye böyle korkuncumsu dehşetli bi nakarat yapmışlar o.O we're fragments of fiction oh yea

    agosto 2013
  • appendixes

    klaxons are always mad ridiculous, its marvelous

    julho 2013
  • Labyrinthian-xo

    Well i didn't intentionally play this song, it does come up on random. Why get offended if i say the songs' annoying ahah?

    fevereiro 2013
  • megwn

    haha klaxons....

    janeiro 2013
  • HigorIgnaccio

    Pretty good :)

    janeiro 2013
  • carla1495


    novembro 2012
  • bblazarete


    novembro 2012
  • Sherlock_Bones

    Missing a bit of classic 'dictionary' though

    agosto 2012
  • Sushisandvich1

    The casio keyboard sound effect "DJ!" always humors me on this one. School music lessons... Good track

    julho 2012
  • miunicaverdad

    haha brings back memories!

    julho 2012
  • core_chuck

    One of the tracks available in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 game

    julho 2012
  • redandblu

    @Labyrinthian-xo haha does it offend you, yeah?

    junho 2012
  • wanabehippie

    nice to know the bands i like are all related

    junho 2012
  • guzhomie7

    @Labyrinthian-xo Wow, you're cool. Why comment on a song if you don't even like it?

    maio 2012
  • guzhomie7

    Sick guitar riffs :D

    maio 2012
  • skipingbeats

    dizzy dizzy electro rock trip

    abril 2012
  • bigg_bareham

    driving tune!!!

    março 2012
  • missRze


    fevereiro 2012
  • Labyrinthian-xo

    This song is just annoying.

    fevereiro 2012
  • kayI101


    fevereiro 2012
  • renzyhohoho


    janeiro 2012
  • GarethFireXX

    Great song! But what is that "ah ah ah" at the beginning?

    dezembro 2011
  • CheezyNoodles

    song kicks ass!! :)

    novembro 2011
  • Anti-Pretty

    Klaxons are shite

    novembro 2011
  • maiaa6


    outubro 2011
  • foetencocktail

    makes me wanna dance!

    outubro 2011
  • bcap11

    anyone else shout along to the lyrics of this one? soooo good.

    outubro 2011
  • The_Groove_Girl

    cool song ^^

    agosto 2011
  • Guitarfan1995

    I have this keyboard

    agosto 2011
  • phoenixdarkness

    One of the greatest songs to experience live.

    julho 2011
  • The_Groove_Girl

    cool ^^

    julho 2011
  • KangAla

    This was on Misfits if I remember correctly.

    julho 2011
  • takemehome4real

    not sure if it's really a keyboard or just some obscure alarm-noise.

    julho 2011
  • AngryPills

    The Yamaha keyboard samples kill it for me Q^Q Reminds me too much of exploiting them as a younger child...what a shame :(

    julho 2011
  • mssuzycoto

    fuckin' sexy!

    julho 2011
  • romulobr

    Good song, but it reminds me of a really bad The Need for Speed game.

    junho 2011
  • thechameleonnn

    i love this song..this be fightin music.

    junho 2011
  • panicstricken16

    thanks from poland! <3

    junho 2011
  • Detectiveli

    I love the way they pronounce the word "interzone"... omg

    maio 2011
  • Zeichenkind


    março 2011
  • christosklvpl

    thats from PES 2010..hah..had been looking for that ..amazing track!..

    março 2011

    Not for Me!!!

    fevereiro 2011
  • macychick

    My freaking keyboard makes the noises in the beginning. I feel so special now. [2]. What the heck is this, lol.

    fevereiro 2011
  • Bongair

    Haha, this sure does take me back. Amazing track ;p

    janeiro 2011
  • undermind77

    Holy crap so full of energy!!!

    janeiro 2011
  • MrsFlintstone

    yuss man!

    janeiro 2011
  • ace0spades


    janeiro 2011