• Great Crap

    Nov 23 2006, 23h56 por kittynation

    Great crap! i stuck my nose in his mouth to smell what he was saying and his words were hooked on chocolate strawberry vanilla isophonic charles in charge cards like neopolitan dianetics loaded with implosives and ready to self deconstruct his aftermath was mustached in the l ron cupboard with the rest of the michael groceries

    he is in the air he is everywhere
    he is running in place in space and he is smiling
    he is a dream that came to me
    nothing can erase or replace that face

    and so i asked him what i was doing in my mind
    and he told me not to waste my time
    what happens to the finder once you've found the find
    we'll play with ourselves til we go blind
    he is in my head his chair's on bread
    he is right said fred and brice beckham at the same time
    he's the recipe for the perfect friend for me
    axl rosehips and richard persimmons in a soothing pot of craig t
    gunner half nelson

    and so i told him i was losing my mind
    he said we're in this together now i lose mine all the time