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  • CrispyDragons

    Definitely one of my favorites from Kanye.

    março 2015
  • millyman77

    My favorite Kanye song. [2]

    agosto 2014
  • CamilleW2Ls


    junho 2013
  • BlackSoulFoda


    novembro 2012
  • options

    My favorite Kanye song. The instrumental is my ish.

    junho 2012
  • naynay1129

    one of my favorite songs off of kanye's classic album late registration

    outubro 2011
  • HardTimesDaddy

    We made ya.

    março 2011
  • Jurmainson

    They major.

    março 2011
  • mizuononde

    the first time i heard this was in my car, after driving all night. i was out in the desert and there was this amazing sunrise. it was so epic :D

    dezembro 2010
  • mutexplosion

    They can't do what we do, baby. Nuh-uh!

    novembro 2010
  • VeX08


    setembro 2010
  • Acciomoose

    so nuuutsss <33

    junho 2010
  • timdilla

    Tony Williams is fucking amazing!

    maio 2010
  • lovelikespring

    feelin' better than some head on a sunday afternoon, better than a chick that say "yes" too soon. until you have a daughter that's what i call karma, then you pray to god she don't grow breasts too soon.

    maio 2010
  • ilovemuzik214

    jon brion is a genius

    abril 2010
  • brandonpaul1217

    puff puff then pass dont fuck up da rotation

    janeiro 2010
  • iMarlo18

    My Sunday Gospel Song lol. Classic

    dezembro 2009
  • TheGee

    I take a sip of that yak, i wanna fuuuuuck.

    dezembro 2009
  • CosmicFugue

    This is one of the reasons why I liked Kanye in the first place.

    julho 2009
  • iblamethegovt

    next time you get a blunt in rotation put this song on and respond to "we major?"

    maio 2009
  • GADirtyBird

    Classic stuff. Kanye Wake Up!!!

    maio 2009
  • Squ4ll

    one of my kanye's favourite song.

    abril 2009
  • ManDirky

    epic, amazing ... kanye made a classic... the tony williams -vocals are the best on this song...

    fevereiro 2009
  • Sagie16

    comeon homie we major :) epic!

    fevereiro 2009
  • 690min

    Haha, I wanted to come here and write "epic" and then I saw that everyone had alredy write it XD Nevvahmind, EPIC.

    janeiro 2009
  • LeadSplitter


    dezembro 2008
  • young_wives

    'my chance came like Sam Cooke'...clever

    outubro 2008
  • LunchMeat88

    easily kanye's best track

    outubro 2008
  • donnell157

    Better than some head on a sunday afternoon...

    agosto 2008
  • softjunebreeze

    EPIC! ;)

    abril 2008
  • yourcrowbar

    Did anybody say EPIC? ;-)

    março 2008
  • Teh_Zombie

    I'll be there in five minutes. Five hours later...I'll be there in five minutes.

    dezembro 2007
  • chaldeandwnfall

    Check out my stee tag station It's SOFA KING major.

    novembro 2007
  • Andreahhhh

    GLORIOUS (a.k.a. EPIC)

    setembro 2007
  • Lhunagar


    agosto 2007
  • senorwoohoo

    Definitely epic.

    julho 2007
  • andre321


    fevereiro 2007
  • Hamed888


    fevereiro 2007
  • KoldShadow

    What a masterpiece . . . one of my favorite tracks to blaze when I blaze B-D

    setembro 2006