• My Top 6...gigs I didn't attend

    Mar 1 2007, 15h18 por grange85

    Galaxie 500 - The Falcon, London 1991
    I have gone on ad nauseum about how I missed this gig which I guess means it has to be at #1. Sundays cancelled, Galaxie 500 hastily set up this gig at The Falcon, Ken and I saw Andy White (shudder) at the Mean Fiddler...Crime And The City Solution - The Powerhouse, London 1990 (approx)
    Arrived nice and early so Stuart and I went to the pub next door to look at his holiday snaps...we came out to "Sold Out" notices stuck to the door. We weren't that bothered and I'm still a bit surprised that we went at all.Rolling Stones - Wembley Stadium 1990
    Keith nicked his finger opening a can of beans and The Stones cancelled their London shows - I'd completely lost interest in seeing them when the dates were rescheduled.The Shins - The Monarch, Camden 2004 (I think)
    "It won't sell out" was a mantra of mine, and for many years it stood me in very good stead. I knew the Monarch was small but this was The Shins and I know that Chutes Too Narrow