• How to tag The Circle Maker?

    Jan 21 2008, 12h19 por matvey_andreyev

    I once came across a CDr titled "John Zorn - Issachar" which contained some of best music I have ever listened to. The disk was a copy of another copy of another copy, had some scanned and cheaply reprinted cover art.

    Time passed, appeared, and more time passed so that I began scrobbling.

    Then I once tried to search youtube for videos of performers performing some of this and it appeared that the artist is not John Zorn. I checked with discogs, found that though the 2CD set is filed as John Zorn - The Circle Maker it is performed by Masada String Trio and Bar Kokhba Sextet who are same people + 3 more :)

    And, searching youtube for Idalah-Abal I found the Electric Masada's performance which is damn different.

    The Idalah-Abal I was searching for is called Meholalot (Masada String Trio) or Meholalot (John Zorn) in some of freedb entries. While discogs call it Idalah-Abal.

    Well, says Meholalot. Have to edit that discogs entry.