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  • hjbardenhagen

    Great live show from Dec 6th, 1990 in Chicago now streamable on Spotify and Deezer.

    Mês passado
  • lajana3

    John Hiatt ... a favourite singer-songwriter !!! <3

    março 2015
  • radiohoofdnz

    I will shout again

    agosto 2014
  • fastlane01

    95 now..

    julho 2014
  • radiohoofdnz

    The New album is more Bluesy and still beautiful!

    julho 2014
  • radiohoofdnz

    Only 93 Shouts......????

    maio 2014
  • radiohoofdnz

    Tonight on dutch television; Twee meter sessies on Fox tv was great.

    maio 2014
  • markalvin

    The Tiki Bar Is Open is also darn good album.

    setembro 2013
  • marwood1995

    Possibly the best "undiscovered" artist of his kind...........

    maio 2013
  • FredMalus

    Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass dieser Mann nie richtig gewürdigt wurde. Seine Kompositionen, seine Texte sind qualitativ weit über dem was sonst angeboten wird. "Have a Little Faith in Me" ist meiner Meinung nach eine der besten Balladen die je geschrieben wurden. I can not understand that this man has never been fully appreciated. His compositions, his lyrics are qualitatively well above what is otherwise available. "Have a Little Faith in Me" in my opinion is one of the best ballads ever written.

    fevereiro 2013
  • AJ-Pain


    dezembro 2012
  • DBLawton

    So, adios to California...

    novembro 2012
  • anotherman08

    New album is great.

    setembro 2012
  • tuffentiny

    Here's to mixed drinks and mixed feelings...

    setembro 2012
  • Punk-Fiction

    This man is the master of irony: the man who wrote Perfectly Good Guitar being the musician most deserving of having his smashed.

    setembro 2012
  • schollad

    @ FerociousPanda i guess u referring to the Little village album and yeah it was a disappointment but Hiatt solo has never been a disappointment to me.. always good lyrics and tunes

    junho 2012
  • FerociousPanda

    I still can't understand how a collab between 3 of the greatest writers and prob. the greatest session drummer can be so .. mediocre.

    maio 2012
  • CidaDuarteF


    abril 2012
  • divinemissh

    Wow! I just Heard that this guy has a new album on Lucky Oceans..

    agosto 2011
  • rockmyplimsoul

    The new album is very good ... the first song doesn't do much for me, but "All The Way Under" and "Detroit Made" are vintage Hiatt, excellent stuff!

    agosto 2011
  • RandyB1961

    The new album(Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns) is fantastic! Hiatt just keeps getting better and better with age.

    agosto 2011
  • Druid66

    Guy's a tremendous songwriter. I've caught him live twice, I think; he's funny and quite a mean player.

    agosto 2011
  • markalvin

    Just listened to his new album (Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns). Good album... really good.

    agosto 2011
  • beloved_m

    heard him on dawson's creek <3 great man!

    maio 2011

    Magnifico concerto a Milano !!! grandissimo artista

    outubro 2010
  • radiohoofdnz

    The most underrated Hiatt song? Already loved

    agosto 2010
  • Luperican

    fuckin' great

    agosto 2010
  • sharwashere

    not usually my kind of music but he's an exceptional artist.

    julho 2010
  • KeithJones

    simply brilliant! [2]

    junho 2010
  • jedmondson1

    is there anyone better?

    abril 2010
  • anotherman08

    The new album is great.

    março 2010
  • wolvinInSchaap


    março 2010
  • pietneudecker

    i#m missing Master of Desaster!

    fevereiro 2010
  • ohh1972

    I really like this guy.

    dezembro 2009
  • ChrisJHutchins

    novembro 2009
  • dancingabout

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hiatt.

    agosto 2009
  • Lisser18

    "Cry Love" is wonderfully epic! Beyond words!

    junho 2009
  • divinemissh

    My parents brought me up on this guy, Why isn't he more famous I don't get it?

    junho 2009
  • StinkySQL

    o - & "Bring The Family" is top notch. They tend to stick with you so that you are still having them sung to you hours after you turned off the electronics...

    junho 2009
  • StinkySQL

    @snorty84 Personally, I keep going back to "Slug Line" and "Live at budicon". I can't think of a bad song by him in any album. He is truly one of the most gifted and prolific songwriters in America. Some day, someone is going to notice that.

    junho 2009
  • Endless27

    great song.

    maio 2009

    Suuuuuuuuuuuperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice!

    maio 2009
  • snorty84

    Someone recommend some of these songs to me so I can know what to listen too

    abril 2009
  • haegar145

    this song lets our souls swing...

    abril 2009
  • jimmyDp

    yes, yes he is.

    abril 2009
  • blackdog71

    John Hiatt, the mans a genius!

    março 2009
  • dancingabout

    Its called 'Your Dad Did'.

    março 2009
  • angiew82

    I am trying to find the title of a song by john hiatt. My dad use to listen to him all I can remember of the song is a line in it "just like your daddy did" I would be greatly appreciative if anyone knows that song.

    março 2009
  • bigjocky

    where has he been, he is good, or is it me, where have i been? will listen again

    março 2009
  • lowellg

    spot on

    fevereiro 2009