‘’‘John Digweed’‘’ (born [[January 1]], [[1967]] in [[Hastings]], [[England]]) is a [[United Kingdom|British]] [[disc jockey|DJ]] and [[record producer]]. In 2007, he was voted number three DJ in [[DJ Mag]]’s annual Top 100 vote (highest ranked House DJ). He has featured in the top 10 for the last 9 consecutive years and was voted number one in 2001.<ref>[ Top 100 DJs - Results & History<!— Bot generated title —>]</ref>

John Digweed began DJing around age 13. His breakthrough came in 1993 when he got a gig at the [[Renaissance (club)|Renaissance]] Club in Mansfield after fellow DJ Alexander Coe (aka [[Sasha (DJ)|Sasha]]) heard his demo.

Digweed is known for promoting the progressive [[trance music|trance]]/[[house music|house]] sound that became popular in Europe and North America in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He started the [[record label]] [[Bedrock Records]] to further promote the music he was playing at the time. In addition to starting the Bedrock imprint, he and friend [[Nick Muir]] produce under the [[Bedrock (producers)|Bedrock]] alias. In his sets, Digweed is noted for adopting tracks with new and different styles.

Between 2000 and 2005, Digweed promoted his “Bedrock” sound with monthly club nights for members and newcomers to the electronic music scene. He played Thursday nights at Heaven in London and Friday nights at a smaller club night at The Beach in Brighton. These nights featured numerous guest DJs including Phil Thompson, [[Hernan Cattaneo]], and [[Chris Fortier]]. As Digweed’s international schedule increased, these events drew to a close, although occasional reunions are still held at Heaven.

In addition to Europe, Digweed has enjoyed popularity in North America. Digweed, along with Sasha, established a monthly residency at the now defunct New York club [[Twilo]], a residency that established itself as a key location for the American electronic music scene. The residency began in 1996 with a lukewarm reception but grew into one of the most popular club nights in New York City by the end of its run in 2001. Sasha and Digweed played at Twilo on the last Friday of every month, playing sets that lasted between 8 and 12 hours. In early early 2001, Sasha suffered an ear injury in a car accident and was unable to play for some time. Digweed continued to play the time slot by himself until May of 2001 when Twilo was forced to close down.

Digweed underwent a six week country-wide tour of the United States in early 2002 with Sasha and [[Jimmy Van M]] called Delta Heavy. Promotion of the tour was done by [[Clear Channel]] and attendance reached 85,000. The tour took place in a variety of venues but was completely self-reliant from a technical point of view. Sound, lights, and visual setups were brought along to every gig of the tour. Also in 2002, Digweed created the soundtrack to the film ‘’[[Stark Raving Mad (film)|Stark Raving Mad]]’‘.

In addition to worldwide touring, Digweed has been broadcasting a weekly radio show on [[Kiss 100]] in the UK since September 2000, where he provides a personal one hour DJ set, followed by another one hour set from a guest DJ. Since September 2006, John Digweed’s show has been available on all 3 [[Kiss Network|Kiss radio stations]]. The show is now called Transitions and has become syndicated in 11 different countries.

In 2008, Digweed’s music will be featured in the film [[Ecstasy (2007 film)|movie adaptation]] of [[Irvine Welsh]]’s best-selling novel ‘’[[Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance]]’‘.

* 1994: Journeys by DJ Vol 4 - (Music Unites)
* 1994: [[Sasha & John Digweed]] - ‘’[[Renaissance: The Mix Collection]]’’ ([[Renaissance (club)|Renaissance]])
* 1995: Renaissance - The Mix Collection Part 2 (Renaissance)
* 1996: Sasha & John Digweed - ‘’[[Northern Exposure (album)|Northern Exposure]]’’ ([[Ministry of Sound]], [[Ultra Records]])
* 1997: Sasha & John Digweed - ‘’[[Northern Exposure 2]]’’ (Ministry of Sound, Ultra Records)
* 1997: ‘’[[The Winning Ticket]]’’ ([[Jackpot (label)|Jackpot]])
* 1998: ‘’[[GU006|Global Underground 006: Sydney]]’’ ([[Boxed]])
* 1999: ‘’[[Bedrock (album)|Bedrock]]’’ ([[INCredible]], Ultra Records)
* 1999: Sasha & John Digweed - ‘’[[Northern Exposure: Expeditions]]’’ (INCredible, Ultra Records)
* 1999: ‘’[[GU014|Global Underground 014: Hong Kong]]’’ (Boxed)
* 2000: Sasha & John Digweed - ‘’[[Communicate (mix album)|Communicate]]’’ (Ultra Records, [[Kinetic Records]]) ([[Billboard 200]] #149)
* 2001: ‘’[[GU019|Global Underground 019: Los Angeles]]’’ (Boxed)
* 2002: ‘’[[MMII (album)|MMII]]’’ ([[Bedrock Records]]) (Billboard Top Electronic Albums #7)
* 2003: ‘’[[Stark Raving Mad (soundtrack)|Stark Raving Mad]]’’ ([[Thrive Records]]) (Billboard Electronic #9)
* 2004: ‘’[[Layered Sounds]]’’ (Bedrock Records)
* 2005: ‘’[[Fabric 20]]’’ ([[Fabric (club)|Fabric]]) (Billboard Electronic #13)
* 2005: ‘’[[Choice - A Collection of classics]]’’ ([[Azuli Records]])
* 2005: ‘’[[Layered Sounds 2]]’’ (Bedrock Records)
* 2006: ‘’[[Transitions (mix album)|Transitions]]’’ (Renaissance)/(Thrive Records) (Billboard Electronic #16)
* 2007: ‘’[[Transitions 2]]’’ (Renaissance)
* 2007: ‘’[[Transitions 3]]’’ (Renaissance)
* 2008: ‘’[[Transitions 4]]’’ (Renaissance)

* 1993: [[Bedrock (producers)|Bedrock]] - “For What You Dream Of” ([[Stress Records]]) (UK #25)
* 1997: Bedrock - “Set In Stone”/”Forbidden Zone” (Stress Records) (UK #71)
* 1999: Bedrock - “Heaven Scent” (Bedrock Records) (UK #35)
* 2000: Bedrock - “Voices” (Bedrock Records) (UK #44)
* 2001: Bedrock - “Beautiful Strange” (Bedrock Records)
* 2002: Bedrock - “Emerald” (Bedrock Records)
* 2003: Bedrock - “Forge” ([[Bedrock Breaks]])
* 2005: Bedrock - “Santiago” (Bedrock Records)
* 2006: Bedrock - “Warung Beach” (Bedrock Records
* 2007: John Digweed - “Gridlock” (Renaissance)

*’‘[[Sasha & John Digweed present Delta Heavy]]’’ ([[System Recordings]])

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