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  • Manoloxines

    We miss you dude!

    setembro 2012
  • EnglandDreaming

    Happy Birthday, Joe. You are missed.

    agosto 2012
  • relaxdud3

    Oh Joe <33

    abril 2012
  • prominence_la


    setembro 2011
  • redhotburrito

    I dig this! Thanks, Joe....

    julho 2011
  • snyderclash81


    maio 2011
  • tnil

    Best song on the album, in my opinion. Joe is the man, simple.

    janeiro 2011
  • tor323

    better to burn bright then fast exit, so no sadness for Joe.

    dezembro 2010
  • rareblood

    i want a tele caster

    novembro 2010
  • Lancegoride

    is this the best strummer song or what!!! I just hope i learn to spell funeral some day , hey wait i did it.....

    outubro 2010
  • pmsninja

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE this track?

    junho 2010
  • EnglandDreaming

    Where the hell was Elijah??

    abril 2010
  • Lancegoride

    THE best strummer song by leaps and bounds!!! could listen to this at my furnal and still headbang

    dezembro 2009
  • keltoi21

    The Punk Rock Warlord...and Warlord is one word.......

    setembro 2009
  • EnglandDreaming

    This is one of my favorite songs ever written. Absolutely brillant.

    fevereiro 2009