• [28] Jimmy Smith – Back At The Chicken Shack (1960)

    Ago 19 2008, 19h21 por Llorenza

    Jimmy SmithBack At The Chicken Shack

    I was quite curious about this album, because the book said that Jimmy Smith was the one to introduce the organ into jazz music. Organs! Great! I like the organ sound of The Doors, and more recently Arcade Fire. So, I was really excited about hearing this Hammond B3 organ sound.

    Until I heard it. I don’t like the Hammond B3 organ sound. It’s not like other organs. At all. It reminds me of the music played in series (like Twin Peaks, or even Friends) when someone is about to do something he shouldn’t do. A very funny sound. So when I hear this organ, I always have the feeling something strange is about to happen.
    Which is obviously never the case.

    Oh well, of course I gave it my best and listened to this album many times. When I got used to the Hammond B3 organ sound, I noticed other things. I discovered how the melody of Back At The Chicken Shack sticks in your mind, the whole day long. …