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  • JaimeRD

    Excelente :)

    agosto 2013
  • Lubricio

    "Unbreakable heart" :)

    outubro 2011
  • m3o0odi

    Who I Am <3

    maio 2011
  • anto30

    I hope she releases new songs soon.

    novembro 2010
  • sango27

    i think i'm her biggest fan! look all my notes!

    outubro 2010
  • RachelBertholdt

    loved her for a long time! she is amazing!

    maio 2010
  • sango27

    good friend to me, great song!

    abril 2010
  • sango27

    can anyone tell me why taylor swift likes to people??? who agree with me when i say she not sings, she is more than 20 years and she isnt country or else pop??? jessica is a great singer and she is country

    fevereiro 2010
  • rustystake

    I'm surprised she isn't a bigger star. She definitely has an amazing voice, the right looks and great songs.

    fevereiro 2010
  • sango27

    i am again jeje, i think the 80% of shouts are mine but no matter... BEWARE THE PILL FOR IT IS BETTER...I LOVE TOO POISION'S IN THE SUGAR

    fevereiro 2010
  • sango27

    Marrying kind

    janeiro 2010
  • sango27

    HBD, Happy birthday jessica danielle today you have 26 years...

    dezembro 2009
  • sango27

    Hey Jessy, I hope a new album, I'm anxious, We want new songs!!! you don't make us wait more...

    novembro 2009
  • djaldjr

    hi im the new guy on the block

    novembro 2009
  • jennajoe

    James Dean in Tennessee <3

    agosto 2009
  • Brandy-Jane

    Jessica Andrews has been amazing since day 1!! In case anyone forgot she was only 15, and already as good as it gets. It's all uphill from there!!!

    julho 2009
  • sango27

    I love the song I wish for you is beautiul, it teach various things as be who you are!

    julho 2009


    abril 2009
  • Anaid_

    She's amazing <3.

    abril 2009
  • BluesRok

    Feel free to check and join the Country Artist of the Week group. Members vote for their favorite country artists to become the group's "Country Artist of the Week".

    março 2009
  • Zer0toHero

    I'll be first in line to buy the new album, I need some new Andrews!

    fevereiro 2009
  • j123b

    Jak lubisz żeński wokal to;)

    janeiro 2009
  • j123b

    Widzę kolego głosu pięknej kobietki słuchasz;)

    janeiro 2009
  • sango27


    dezembro 2008
  • sango27

    Everything is a great song, one of my favorites songs of jessy, aaaaaa and do not forget you approach the birthday of jessica!

    dezembro 2008
  • DavidMojo

    she is good!

    outubro 2008
  • Shadowboro

    Very underrated artist! Lots of good pop songs, with a country flavor to them. She's great!

    setembro 2008
  • danielteixe

    awesome! :D

    novembro 2007
  • janetgriselle

    i love jessica andrews =] my favorite song from her is definitely 'summer girl'

    agosto 2007
  • gooses

    love her.

    março 2007
  • Jazz13

    she's really good, like carrie underwood times a hundred. impressive albums.

    janeiro 2007