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    Mai 7 2007, 12h31 por LoHz



    I know some of you on here are interested in the Jellybass project... so here's a little bank holiday treat :D

    We've been busy working on new tracks and thought a nice DJ mix would be a good way to show off some new bits and also celebrate the fact that the first album will shortly be available on all major mp3 stores, just waiting on the encoding...

    If you're interested you can download the 30min mix of head nodding, booty shaking, bass wobbling Jellybass tunes here:

    Jellybass Mix Vol 1 [28.2MB] - Right click to download

    Feedback is welcome and feel free to add us to myspace (myspace.com/jellybass)

    Enjoy :D

    P.S. If Podcasting is your thang then here is the podcast link: JB Podcast
  • Computer Music Review

    Ago 14 2006, 19h07 por LoHz

  • JellyBass Review 3

    Jun 13 2006, 9h24 por LoHz

    Jellybass Album Review
    by Udy - www.underyournose.co.uk

    The world of unsigned music can be an extremely boggy affair, scooting around for the odd gem usually results in ending up knee deep in grot. That’s pretty much why I stopped looking and tend to sit back and see what gets thrown my way. The theory here is that 9 times out of 10 people with the confidence to push their stuff are actually sitting on something good.

    So with that little fanfare over and done with I present to you: Jellybass! The brainchild of the whole affair remains a dark secret and is simply known as LoHz, a rather apt artist name for the onslaught that is this album. 10 tracks of pure low level bliss is what’s on offer and each one had it’s own little theme. Personal favourite “Vulgar” teases with a live style bassline and swinging brass before descending into a disgustingly groovy electro bassline. Loop Da Loop is also an absolutely massive tune and pretty much sums up the groove and intention of the whole album. …
  • JellyBass Review 2

    Jun 13 2006, 9h23 por LoHz

    Tesselate Jellybass Review
    by Sam - tesselate.me.uk

    New release from a new artists 'Jellybass'. Check out www.jellybass.co.uk for some album samples.
    Let’s check it:

    "wobble" sends out a sound pulse from its landing position on the newly formed planet just to the left of the Milky Way which scientists are desperately trying to explore. Dubby bass plods and ricocheting drumbeats walk perfectly in line with the shaking bass wave of thick unmachined plastic which has taken control. All of this is pasted over the smooth and rich vocal cut, with a jazzy underlying message.
    Good stuff.

    ' Vulgar' is your personal ticket into the most exploded diagram ever, an all day pass into huge fat balancing distortions of liquid metal balanced over a laughing pit of robotic hyenas, whilst ' Loop da loop' is the place your brain goes to when to when you consume one to many bags of marshmallow, and your bloodstream is 97% sugar. It’s a thick and rich flyby of your eyeballs in reverb mode.
  • JellyBass Review 1 -

    Jun 13 2006, 9h22 por LoHz

    'Jellybass' - Album Review - May 2006

    by Jo Daley - flywessex.blogspot.com

    This album is one for going out to. You all know what I mean - it’s Saturday night, you’ve been drinking various flavoured vodkas and you’ve got your dancing feet strapped firmly to your body. There's one track which stands out triumphantly, it’s 'Vulgar'. I’m listening to this for the first time and it’s Tuesday afternoon, around tea time. Kids are walking home from school, settling down to Blue Peter and I’ve got this up to ear-bleeding volume. With closed eyes, I'm wishing I was in a kitchen at a house party, dancing on the worktops. The climax in this song transports me to a 30s swing club, filled with ravers. Jellybass will make you move like a human water bed. They’ll make you want to dress up and dance like a fool. It's music for turning up loud and playing to your friends, just to see their faces light up and heads start bobbing when the songs reach their dramatic peaks. …
  • JellyBass Rocks...

    Jun 13 2006, 9h11 por LoHz

    Yeah, not really sure what we're doing here, this site is a little confusing!


    It's probably best if you read our reviews!

    I'll post them up one by one (They get wierder and wierder...)