Versatile and unmistakable: In every country singer Tom Lugo greets his fans in their own language. To speak to people with music and to offer a good mood and groove to take back home is Jamaram’s main concern.

This internationally loaded band from Munich, is fascinating more and more people. Their five albums JAMELEON (release April 2010), LIVE (Release 2009) SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS (2008) , OOKUCHAKA (2006), KALAHASSI (2004) offer great musical diversity unlike many other bands.

Wether in europe, awarded with the “Austrian Newcomer Award” and the “CREOLE World Music Prize 2007” or live performances at big festivals, such as Rototom Sunsplash in Italy, the Super Bock Surf Festival in Portugal or Summerjam Festival in Germany, but also in other continents. All the way to Uganda (2008) and Brazil (2010), where Jamaram gave various workshops and played many shows. All this had a great influence on the production of the new album JAMELEON that can clearly be heard.

All the impressions from the road are imprinted in the new songs. Heavy Reggae, fat Hip-Hop and Dancehall-beats, Latin storms, Afro-beat and fine Pop-songs are presented by the band in the all new and most mature studio piece. The versatility of genres is the definition of the unique Jamaram Stylee.

No, Jamaram knows no limit. Bringing the sympathetic ways and heartfelt message of their music around the globe. All band members agree „our music is made by hand”, “it works as a trio on the street and fullscale on stage, in every region of the world. Our language is universal and we are understood everywhere and received positively. That is a beautiful experience for us as a band.”
But Jamaram is generally interested in social commitment. In the last years over 10.000 € were collected and donated in cooperation with the organization GO AHEAD!, to help schools for aids orphans in Gauteng/Southafrika and Kampala/Uganda. And one thing is for sure: this is not the last charity project. Several new plans are already underway for 2010. One can see – Jamaram is no band, Jamaram is a movement!

Jamaram is back on tour with an energetic show and their new album “JAMELEON” since the end of March 2010. This band is a force on stage, that unite all generations and many different people – to fans. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance, since the shows are often sold out quickly. So – don’t miss it!

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