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Hugo Paquete



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Hugo Paquete has developed an exploratory course into visual arts and new media, exploring the complex relationship between man and the real and their language, perception and technological paradigms. His works transport us to a purified and synthesized language, with the intent of portraying a structuralist aesthetics of mental landscapes, trying a more conceptualist relationship with objects, in which from departing logic we attain abstraction. Project SSTFM (synthetic sound to fit mind) comes in the development of audio-installation and performative research he has realized. Exploring the relation between space and communication, with complex sound structures, transporting us to journeys of recognition of sound while a physical, tangible, tactile matter. Sound art In my sound and installation research, I try to develop aesthetics, recurring only to the potential character of sonic situationism, that sometimes is constructed for a given physical space. My aim is to develop a physical and psychological sound experience, distancing the receptor to a sonic universe, without a directly induced image, leaving him in an open space to his reactivity and potentiating an experience of rupture with the contemporary media society, where images proliferate. This research is a point of resistance that intends to construct with the receptor’s sensory system an image of spatial music elaborated according to some acoustics principles, distance and rhythm, thus building a mental and physical experience according to the frequencies used.

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