• Emo violence

    Nov 14 2008, 10h26 por anek_anek

    Emo violence seems to be one of those genres, where most of the people wishing to use it have no idea where it came from and what does it stand for. Not that it is impossible to find the answers.

    Emo violence is foremost a combination of and . From power violence it has taken the fast part and the hardcore part, from emo the screamy vocals (no barking as in pv then) and more varied pallete of emotions – not just pissed off anger (which means, if someone feels like using the term , he should have some sense of what power violence is [Crossed Out]). I recommend to have a listen of In/Humanity and Palatka, as these are definitely the most important. From some others, End of the Century Party, Jenny Piccolo or Guyana Punch Line (Chris Bickel from In/Humanity was screaming there). All in all there were like ten bands playing the genre.

    Today, due to the fact, that tag is spoiled, people tend to label as emo violence harsh diy screamo bands, which no longer have the pv influences. …
  • Insult your top 50 artists

    Mar 8 2008, 20h50 por anarcho_atlatl

    50. Disrupt: The shattered swastika on your "Smash Divisions" back-patch looks like a normal swastika from a distance which makes me think someone might try and fuck with me.

    49. Dystopia: The Breakfast Club is not hXc. Oh, and why the fuck did it take so long for you to do the artwork for your last album and why don't I have a copy yet?

    48. Flak: The lead singer likes Cock Sparrer for some reason that I still don't get.

    47. The Devil Is Electric: Chris Johnston, you're in like every single fucking band on Plan-It-X and you run the label too. It's like a one man circle jerk with a few other people thrown in from time to time when you get spent.

    46. Born Against: I get your name confused with Born/Dead, who I get confused with Dropdead, which means I get you all confused too much. Fuck that.

    45. Kylesa: For a band with two drummers you could be way more br00tal \m/

    44. Kimya Dawson: Everyone and their mother knows you because of Juno now. Sell-out.

  • a MASSIVE influx of new albums

    Jun 19 2006, 20h33 por AndyChrz