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  • S1D1991

    Greetings from Ukraine)

    junho 2014
  • vivahatex3

    De er fantastiske! Loboville er en så vakker sang.

    outubro 2011
  • mvldk666

    mvl was here

    julho 2011
  • Tron1276

    a cousin of mine from norway is in this band! he said he met shane mcgowan and played the cd for him, and they got into a fight because shane was insisting the voice singing was his own. i assume shane was also very drunk, naturally.

    julho 2011
  • Namrepus79

    Greenland Whalefishers are coming to the UK next week! August 12th "The Gaff" London August 13th "Old Wharf" Birmingham August 14th "Farmer Phil's Festival" Shropshire Shrewsbury Do they sound like Shane MacGowan and The Pogues? Clearly influenced, but all critics today says Greenland Whalefishers has taken the heritage from The Pogues and developed it into something different and their own. Punk fanzines all over the world describes Greenland Whalefishers as The Pogues on speed or The Pogues turned up to eleven on attitude, speed and sound. More than 16 years on the road resulting in 4 singles, 2 EPs, 6 full-length albums and a number of split-releases, touring Japan, USA, England, Italy, Wales, Poland, Czeck Rep. contributing with music to the movie "Boondock Saints II All Saints Day" etc, has placed Greenland Whalefishers from Norway among Europe's leading Paddy Punk bands. More info, videos, music, pics and info at

    agosto 2010
  • keltoi21

    great get to the East Coast of the USA...please....

    março 2010
  • Maler-Marius

    Arvid so sounds like the young shane :)

    janeiro 2010
  • chris_sampson87

    The brand new 7 inch split from Greenland Whalefishers and The Tans is out today! We've got 2 new recordings from Norway's folk-punk veterans and 2 debut tracks from UK street punks The Tans. Click below to buy this now for just £2.00!

    janeiro 2010
  • chris_sampson87

    Shameless self-promotion:

    agosto 2009
  • Celticpunk22

    This is one band I wouldn't mind hanging out with. They just seem like an awesome bunch of guys.

    julho 2009
  • irishmusicfan51

    GWF are just a great fuckin band.Period.Loboville to me is a friggin Masterpiece.Not to mention they are very cool people.Any time i've asked them a question on myspace,they've answered.Why they aren't more well known,especially in The USA,is one of life's friggin mysteries.Everyone should listen to to hear other great bands like GWF that don't get nearly enough recognition for their musical abilities.

    março 2009
  • BrorT

    Well...?!? Keep it up! Great work, guys (and Agnes).

    fevereiro 2009
  • Namrepus79

    If the singer sounds similar to Shane or not, is perhaps hard to decide. But, Shane was interviewd by norwegian radio when he last played in norway, and Greenland was support. They played a Greenland song and when the song was finnished, Shane was wondering from what Pogues album the song was picked... But then again, sadly, Shane is destroyed by all the drugs and alcohol. Anyhow, both The Pogues and Greenland Whalefishers are two great bands! Cheers!

    fevereiro 2009
  • massibhoy

    a shane wannabe singer, but honest

    dezembro 2008
  • BostonIrish

    "The singer Arvid Grov sounds exactly like Shane Macgowan believe it or not." not. but still an ok band nonetheless.

    julho 2008
  • dk-s

    >sabotagable > I mean, why is this one listened so much ?

    junho 2008
  • Sinitsin

    He really does sound like Shane MacGowan.

    junho 2008
  • sabotagable

    if you're talking about the song, its on Down and Out. fuckin great rock!

    junho 2008
  • dk-s

    What happened with Ramones ? Is it on a compilation or something ?

    junho 2008
  • Puc0

    One , two , three , four ,mary is a whore !

    outubro 2007