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Genre: Heavy Metal - Netherlands Lyrical themes: Metal, War, Satan Deliah : Female Effect Lord Arydon : Vocais, Guitarra Bastard : Bateria Count August : Vocais, Baixo Álbuns Let Us Win This War (CD - 1996) Awake at Wacken (VHS - 1998) Symbol of Triumph (CD - 1998) Conquerors Divine (CD - 2002) Awaken Pagan Gods (CD - 2005) At first we played traditional Metal covers, but later we started writing our own songs. Our 4th gig was already on Dutch TV and our 8th gig was the first across the border. Journalists reported us as a Shock-rockband and we’ve been refused a few times in places because of our controversial show and/or lyrics. Still, Goddess Of Desire turned out to be a very wanted band with a professional show. Goddess already did a lot of headliner shows but also supported bands like Destruction(D), Gwar(US), Therion(S), Rockbitch(UK) and Gorefest(NL). Now Goddess Of Desire is well-known in the Metal-scene also because of very successful shows in front of thousands at Dynamo 1997 & Wacken 1998. We were also noticed by several Dutch TV stations who broadcasted our show. Early ’98 the first headline tour through Germany was done. The first deed in 1999 was signing a deal with Metal-Blade who released our 2nd CD/LP! At the very end of 1999 Goddess (& Tankard) supported Sodom on their tour through Germany. In the years following Goddess of Desire played several festivals, a.o. the With Full Force Festival, Summerbreeze and Bang Your Head revisited. In 2005 the band signed with Armageddon Recs. Who will release their 4th album “Awaken Pagan Gods”.