• One song. Each day. Every day. (2010)

    Out 15 2010, 5h29 por lassaucepan

    The titles says it. Every day i'm going to pick a song I think represents that day the best and I'll even give a little explanation why.

    Reasons I may pick a song:

    I listened to it a lot.
    I had it in my head.
    I was blown away by it.
    I discovered it.
    I rediscovered it.
    I heard it somewhere special.
    I listened to the lyrics in a new way.
    I learned something about it.
    I cried to it.
    I saw it performed.
    It's a really fucking good song.

    So let's get this party started:

    Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010: Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait - Going through a rough time adjusting to college 6 hours away from everyone I know and love. I'm changing fast...I just hope something pure can last.

    Friday, Oct. 15. 2010: Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life - CuDi was at Northwestern tonight. The show was pretty good, this song was by far the highlight for me. Reminded me of driving down Paragon in the summer at 3 in the morning. And he's from Ohio--major bonus points!