• 20 years of doggin

    Out 1 2008, 16h01 por fakehead

  • The Flowers - Flower Dynasty (Plagiarism is Good ^-^)

    Nov 29 2006, 22h45 por helikoppter

    This summer, the boyfriend of one of my sisters came back from a trip in Asia where he had bought a CD for me (since I listen to such music ^^). Turns out it was a pirated 2VCD with a total of 40 music videos from Chinese boyband The Flowers. I rarely watch music videos, but I took a look at it and decided that they were good enough and so I got the real CD, Flower Dynasty, from YesAsia. I liked it a lot already during my first listen - I love this kind of catchy boyband stuff - and I really liked how they had used parts of songs I already knew. In the booklet, however, they're all credited to Zhang Wei, who is the leader of The Flowers. With songs so obvioulsly borrowing stuff from others I wanted to find out if there were more. I ended up with a pretty long list. (most of these relations found at Baidu)

    1. 嘻唰唰
    - Much from K2G. Should be some 午夜快车 too, but I haven't heard that one myself yet.
    So far the only song for which The Flowers have been sued. …